Being an entrepreneur or intrepreneur

[ 0 ] July 22, 2011 |
Being an entrepreneur or
intrepreneur demands that we be
self-motivated. No one else isgoing to provide it for us. If we’re going to
be successful, we must be proactive.
What motivates you? How do you stay
focused? We’re all motivated a little
differently. Some of us are turned on by
money—or rather what we think the money
will do for us. Others are motivated by ego
and the drive for glory. Sometimes, we’re
motivated by fear—of loss, of death, of
loneliness and a host of other things. Still
others are driven by the desire to help
We know how to be successful. And we
know most of the things we need to do in
order to accomplish our objectives. The
difficult part is staying motivated and on
track with our goals.
What we need is drive that doesn’t drive
us over the edge. We need motivation that
keeps us going through the discouraging
times—motivation that enables us to
consistently do what we know we need to do
and then to do it at a level of excellence we
can be proud of.
I can’t say what will work for you, but
I’d like to share what’s worked for me in my
45 trips around the sun.
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