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The UBA Visa Prepaid card (Africard) is a debit card variant denominated in Naira and is pre-funded and re-loadable. It is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points (ATM, PoS & Web). Interested Card holder(s) do not need to have an account with UBA.

UBA Africard simplifies the stress in your online transactions. The sweetest thing about this card is that you don’t need an account with UBA to own one. Just N100 commission when loading. No minimum load or withdrawal.
There are 2 types of Africards: Instant and personalized
The instant is issued at N500 while the Personalised is N750 only, as at the time of writing this report.The instant will be processed for you instantly without your name inscribed on it while the personalized will be processed within 3-7days and your name in inscribed on it. Whichever you want, all works perfectly. If you already have your card from any Bank domiciliary account then you don’t need this card, but if not, I’ll advice you rush to any branch of UBA nearest to you to get a copy of this card. 
Please go with your National ID card,International passport,Driving License or Voters card and 2 passport photograph. and to learn more about UBA Africard. Visit HERE
You can as well load your UBA Africa with your mobile phone from the comfort of your home without going to bank using their UMOBILE APPLICATION as I normally do.
 CLICK HERE  to send/drop me  a message on how to use or get  NAIRA,DOLLAR  mastercards & Visacards online for payment  &  amasingly, HOW  TO  GET  A GLOBALLY ACCEPTED USA MASTERCARD that is acceptable anywhere all over the world.
Better still,contact me on my hotlines   +2348039614606  or  +2348091833866.
Checkout the Card Features:
  • Real time banking transactions
  • Balance enquiry
  • Purchase at Pos
  • Purchase on WEB
  • ATM Cash withdrawal
  • Pos cash Advance
  • Mini account statement
  • Card to Card transfer
  • Worldwide acceptance: Visa Prepaid is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Instant payment: Faster than writing cheque or running to ATM.
  • Makes shopping simple: Book travel and shop online in addition to making your everyday purchases fast and convenient.
Card Benefits
  • Creates a simple convenient alternative to cash or debit card payments.
  • No need to open or have a bank account in order to have a Prepaid Card.
  • The card issuance process is simplified.
  • Provides better record keeping than cash (a history of transactions spent on the Prepaid Card is available on GTP card management system which is available on the internet).
  • Increase the feeling of security as the Prepaid Card holder remain in control of the card during transactions – a personal identification number (PIN) is used alongside the Prepaid Card as well as an SMS Text Alert is received in real time with the transaction placed.
  • Eliminates the need to carry large sums of cash.
  • When cash is lost or stolen, the money is gone forever and in most cases cannot be recovered. In the case of a lost or stolen Prepaid Card, the value on the cardholder’s account remains intact and can be transferred onto a replacement card or another Prepaid Card.
  • Allow for the non-banking population (non-account holders) to obtain a Visa Prepaid Card and become part of a financial world.
  • Debit card holders afraid of using their debit cards on the Internet for purchases may obtain a Prepaid Card which can be used solely for that purpose and is not linked to their domicile account.
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