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knkWell!   !!I’m PRESEGS and being  a full partaker of   THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP,I have some things to say about  it  and  I also made some resources of what people are saying about the THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP.Are you new or confuse about what I mean by THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP?It’s  a  very powerful ebook that shows how anyone can start making money online and

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Who is Harvey Segal?

About the Author

Harvey Segal (from London, UK) has been providing resources (ebooks, tools, tips) for the online community since 1997. He is the Author of: The Ultimate Supertip
101 SuperTips
Ad Tracking SuperTips
Forum Marketing SuperTips
Forum Owner SuperTips
Viral Marketing SuperTips
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Before he ventured into web-based business, Segal worked in information technology. He had worked as a programmer, then as a manager before seeing the commercial potential of the internet. That was back in 1997, when the internet was in its infancy. He started by providing a wide range of tips for up and coming internet businesses, then decided to focus on niches when information sites became more common.

He believes that today’s internet businesses have a great advantage over yesterday’s. This is because of fast internet access, an overload of available knowledge, and a great number of software tools.

Segal runs two highly respected marketing websites: The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs and he Complete Guide to ClickBank. Using his knowledge of pay-per-click advertisements, Segal provides great information to help affiliate marketers succeed at internet business.

He also convinced over 35 top internet marketers to reveal their secrets. He compiled these into his first ebook, Guru Magic. This went on to become an affiliate marketing must-read.Below are what people have to say about   Harvey Segal  & THE ULTIMATE  SUPERTIP ;

  • Actually Aaron, there are 4 stages to The Ultimate SuperTip The first stage is a totally free ebook that gives out valuable information in itself. Stage two is spending $10 to become an affiliate and download over $500 in products. Stage three is the one that you are describing. Stage four goes even further and can be more rewarding. Anyone can chose which stage that they would like to have.
  • I should be promoting Ultimate Supertip more than I have. I really does bring income into my PayPal,Alertpay  & clickbank accounts.
  • I’ve made a little money online using Google Adwords but the quality of traffic got so bad for me that I had to stop doing that using the information contained in THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP
  • I’m thinking about investing in “Ultimate Supertip” to help diversify my internet income. Have you been able to make any progress with list building or ebook reselling or any of the other things talked about in the ebook.
    What about “Create Hot Products Fast”? Have you had any success with that?
    The big house and the fancy car would be nice but as long as my kids have food on the table and a roof over their heads, I’m Okay with that.
  • Great resources here. book marked for my multiple visits. thanks
  • This looks interesting. I will bookmark it and download it when I am back home.
  • I know I too must get more interested in Ultimate Supertip and Clickbank in general
  • Hmmm. I am a born and bred skeptic, but I know you are a good person. I am intrigued…
  • Interesting and useful super tip.

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