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[ 29 ] August 13, 2012 |

Updated 16th of  September 2015

Notice:PayPal now accept Nigeria & you can open and verify your PayPal account with your Nigeria ATM card at It has restriction of not being able to receive money and also lack some basic features other PayPal accounts have. Besides,you can continue reading this page/write-up if you will love to get yourself the PayPal account that has no restriction whatsoever.

I’m here to tell you about our COMPLETE PAYPAL ACCOUNT OPENING SERVICE AVAILABLE For You To Get Your Verified PAYPAL Account. Different tutorials show how they get it (open verified PayPal Account) done but I do shake my humble head pitying them each time I go through tutorials telling people to use fakenamegenerator,buy unreliable VPN,VCC or VBA  from unreliable sources for opening & operating their paypal account. They can use their real names,get a real USA phone number for themselves,real Credit/Debit card/USA Bank Account for verifying their paypal account. Make use of best Virtual Credit Card/Virtual Bank Account for some kind of anonymous reason(s).

That made me feel on top of the world believing that we do it better in Nigeria.No wonder our clients that we’ve assisted in getting their paypal account verified are not experiencing any difficulty with their accounts.

Back to our own concerns as we update this page today 16th of November 2013 with more detailed piece of information about getting yours done without any issue NO MATTER WHAT YOUR EXPERIENCES MUST HAVE EVER BEEN WITH PAYPAL.

Congratulations!You’ve already discovered “How YOU can Open and become a proud owner of a Verified PayPal Account  be it  that of USA verified PayPal Account or that of a special Non-European country in few days”.

Kindly read all that I will be sharing below carefully! I’ve received a lot of calls about how to open and own a duly flawless verified PayPal account in Nigeria. Lots of Nigerians including you must have been worrying about not being able to open and verify it and cash your hard earn money here in Nigeria. But for you being here today,your paypal nightmares have been solved. You can start receiving my STEP by STEP guide of opening your own verified PayPal account either by sending “PAYPAL SECRET” to  INFO@NAIJAPAYPALSECRET.COM OR  CLICK HERE to request for my free step by step ebook.

N.B:You can open  & operate your own PayPal account without fear of getting limited the next day if you use the right tool(s) and have the right piece of quality information. Better still,keep reading this write-up to it extreme end so as to discover how to become a proud owner of your own with ease within few days. Not yet convinced that you can open,verify and operate your own verified PayPal Account successfully in Nigeria without being limited or blocked? 

 Below is a proof of one of the Verified PayPal accounts owned by a Nigerian which has a very good status and still working fine up till date.

i.e if you are interested to open paypal account but you feel it is difficult to open we can give you verified paypal account at very cheap rate, just continue reading this update to its extreme end or just contact us HERE. We render this service securely because we discovered a new way of breaking PayPal jinx  July 2012 with proven strategies that I invented myself since 2010.Now, if you feel like you don’t want to make mistake by opening and verifying PayPal account yourself, why not give it to us.

Before we proceed,see another verified USA PayPal account below belongs to a Nigerian like yourself which was recently duly opened for him via our “COMPLETE SERVICE” though we only convered his first name for security reason(s).Paypal

With all these noted and for you reading this on my webpage,I will give you the opportunity to become a proud owner of your own verified PayPal account for just N7,500 only with NO HIDDEN CHARGES instead of my normal N9,999 service charge if you place order now in which you’ll get:

  1. Dedicated USA VPN/IP for accessing your PayPal account only as you will save yourself  N6,000 that I normal charge those that seperately order for this PayPal Dedicated VPN/IP as you can see HERE. You can never get such of this VPN given to you for FREE from other companies rendering this service but you will rather be told to get if from sites like,, or so.They will charge you $10 monthly or $100 yearly but you are so lucky being here today as you do not need to be paying exhorbitant fees for VPN.
  2. Your Own Duly Verified PayPal account in your name or as you want it.
  3. Tested and Proven Easy guides/instructions on How To Securely Operate Your PayPal account in Nigeria Without it been Limited or Blocked even if your previous PayPal account(s) have been limited before.
  4. How To Easily Fund Your PayPal account.
  5. How To Withdraw Your PayPal Cash Into Your Nigerian Bank Account without much ado
  6. How you can start making streams of $10 and $37 into your PayPal account even while asleep after setting it up on autopilot and so on…which you can download its ebook  HERE
  7. My unbeatable everlasting customer care 24/7 pertainning to your PayPal account and many more.
To get your complete verified paypal account plus Your Dedicated VPN/IP{which you can’t just get offered to you anywhere for FREE} and other goodies attached delivered to you with immediate effect ready for use within 5-7days,pay/send the sum of N7,500 [Seven Thousand & Five Hundred Naira only] either via bank deposit,atm deposit,mobile transfer or internet transfer into:

UBA Bank Plc




First Bank Plc


Diamond Bank Plc

After making payment into any of the banks listed above,kindly send “PAID FOR COMPLETE PAYPAL” as SUBJECT with your Name,Bank You Paid Into & Mobile Phone Number to

After confirming your Payment,we will personally contact you on your hotline or email provided for what we need to proceed with the opening of your Verified PayPal Account.
Feel free to use the COMMENT BOX below or CONTACT US HERE should you have any question(s),comment(s),complaint(s) or need our assistance.

Do not as well forget to download free copies of our guides and ebooks you are entitled to for being here today from

To Your Success!

Adesida Olusegun

C.E.O PRESEGS Infotech MultiConcepts

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  1. Chike Nwegbu says:

    what address did you use to open the paypal account and also how do i fund the account from Nigeria. Thanks

    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      Thanks for your question!
      We do use USA address for USA PayPal account and UAE address for UAE verified PayPal Account.

  2. Admin says:

    1.Concerning the address,we don’t use Nigeria address but we use USA address.
    2.Concerning funding your account,you can do that in Nigeria either with us or some other exchangers in Nigeria that we will recommend for you.
    Betterstill,you can as well fund your account with Liberty Reserve doing what we call exchanging with a site in Singapore that we trust which we will give to you.

  3. chike orji says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. collins says:

    How do I withdraw from paypal into my bank account and can I use savings account

  5. Kennedy says:

    Please i have a verified Paypal account that i have been using for about tow years now, but they slammed me Limited access, requiring me to update my contact address with documents supporting it and card details. please what do i do?

    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      Have you been actively using the account before it got limited?
      From which country are you operating your PayPal from?
      Did you ever changed your IP?
      What transaction(s) was/were you performing that lead to the limitation?

      Kindly answer those few questions above but you can contact paypal customer care irrespective of the country you are currently in.
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  6. akay says:

    I am not aware of your service before I paid a guy 4k to open a paypal account for me last week friday.The account is ready,but still awaiting Payoneer Mastercard to verify the card.I need a dedicated IP to successfully use the account,but why are you not offering this service on monthly basis.e.g 1k monthly for dedicated VPN or 6k for 12 months. I have a question to ask,please can I withdraw to that paypal and use it to pay online without verifying my card?

    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      First of all,thanks so much for your questions & I will take my time to answer each question one after the other.

      “I am not aware of your service before I paid a guy 4k to open a paypal account for me last week friday.The account is ready,but still awaiting Payoneer Mastercard to verify the card”

      There is nothing bad in paying the guy the N4,000 to open an unverified PayPal for you but the mistake I taught that you must have made is asking the guy the source of his IP that he used to open it for you or you get one for him from trusted dedicated IP providers which you can get full details about here.
      Although!We as well render such a service of an UNVERIFIED PayPal which comes with our yearly Dedicated IP at all for FREE for a total of N5,000 and we can as well assist you in verifying it with your Virtual USA bank that comes with your Payoneer for free as well.
      We can as well help you to verify it within 72hrs if you do not have a payoneer card or can’t wait for it to come before seeing your PayPal account verified.

      I will extract,quote and post replies to other questions of yours above soon.
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    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      “I need a dedicated IP to successfully use the account,but why are you not offering this service on monthly basis.e.g 1k monthly for dedicated VPN or 6k for 12 months.”

      Good!We offer dedicated IP specially created for PayPal here at and we are very sorry that we cannot offer the monthly package but we offer that of yearly package for just a token as well because we don’t want you to face issue of having your IP not renewable after it must have been cut off if you do not update your invoice and frequent change in your IP for accessing your PayPal account is highly risky which is one of the most rampant cause of LIMITATION and we do not want that to happen to you.Got that?
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    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      “I have a question to ask,please can I withdraw to that paypal and use it to pay online without verifying my card?”

      First of all,I believe you meant “without verifying my account” instead of “without verifying my card” as you’ve said above.
      You can withdraw to that your account without any issue provided the guy that helped you to open it carefully and appropriately managed it using the right tools without making any mistake.
      You can as well use your paypal to make payment online but not on all sites as some sites doesn’t accept unverified paypal as they will need you to pay via credit card or bank account linked with your account.

      I hope that I’ve answered your questions to your satisfaction and if not,do not hesistate to let me know ASAP.
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  7. matex says:

    hello, please can you help me open and verify a paypal account i think i would love that very much than passing all the stress involved

  8. xilisoft says:

    Mr Presegs, first I want to say keep up the good work, secondly, I want to ask, the dedicated vpn is how much and does it mean that if I should get it, would I be the only person, using it in this world and paypal will never have a problem with it, as long as I use that same IP to log into my Paypal account?

  9. adeshy says:

    Hi Presegs, I need answer to the following questions…..
    USA verified Papal
    Dedicated USA IP
    USA Phone Number
    VBA/Payioner Master Card.

    How much will all these cost and how many days will it take to be ready for use.


  10. Holomom says:

    Nice post. But you have got to be careful about exposing secrets that will make things difficult for those doing genuine business online because these so-called bad elements can capitalize on the methods and mess things up for us in Nigeria.
    Holomom recently posted…Make Money Online with your Payza (AlertPay) AccountMy Profile

    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      Thanks so much for your piece of advice but believe me,all secrets cannot be unleashed as I’m always careful as well.
      Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] recently posted…Oprah Winfrey My Profile

  11. nuzzo says:

    Would it be a good idea to buy a verified PayPal account from Auction Essistance or would you recommend I create my own?

  12. Cheche says:

    Please I want to Europe Paypal account to be precise “ITALY PAYPAL” Please need your response as soon as possible.


  13. Farhad says:

    I bought a verified PayPal from Auction Essistance, but my only issue is getting money out. Do you have any advice?

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