Discover How To Get Your Hands On 9 High Quality, Hot Selling Products All With Master Resell Rights And Rebrand Rights for Just Pennies of $10 of PAYPAL or ALERTPAY cash worth more than $500.

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Discover How To Get Your Hands On 9 High Quality, Hot Selling Products All With Master Resell Rights And Rebrand Rights for Just Pennies of  $10 of  PAYPAL or  ALERTPAY cash worth more than $500.
 Plus, You Also Get Your Very Own Copy of  Sales Letters To Use for Your Own One Time Offers So You Can Watch Your Profits Shoot Through The Roof! 

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Date: Sunday, September 18, 2011
From: Adesida Presegs
Dear Friend,
If you’ve been waiting for a golden opportunity to start making money online, almost instantly, then – the good news is – you don’t have to wait a second longer!

Here’s what this is all about…

My name is PRESEGS ADESIDA and I have put together an incredible package that makes it “3rd grade redneck” simple for you to quickly start making money online.

In fact, what I’m about to offer you is so simple, easy, step-by-step and foolproof I can guarantee with total confidence that…
Even if you’re a total newbie with no experience…
Even if you’ve tried everything and failed…
Even if you think making money online is impossible…

“…What I’m About To Show You Will Have You Up And Running, Making Life-Changing Sums of Money On The Internet Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!”

I fully accept I’ve just made some pretty big promises.

But I can make them to you without a shred of doubt in my mind because…

I’ve got the proof to back them up!
You see, in the last few days I  recently made over $100 in sales.

Check out the proof of my sales figures…
 $$$$$$$$ in Earnings!

And  lots more  but let me hold up here first and  lets continue ………………………

What I’ve discovered about making money on the Internet is that it’s a piece of cake… once you have a few key things in place.

In fact, rapidly making money online really boils down to 3 key factors.
Firstly, you need a product that people want to buy that delivers value to their lives.
Secondly, you need a killer sales letter that gets across the benefits to the reader so that they whip out their credit cards and buy the product.

 Thirdly, you need traffic so you can get eyeballs in front of your offer which will turn into customers once they read your letter.

Over the past few years I’ve coached loads of Newbie Internet Marketers and what I’ve noticed is that most fail 2 out of the 3 key factors.

The simple fact is…

Most Newbies, within a short space of time, are quite good at driving traffic to their sites.

But the place where they really fall down is…

“They Suck At Product Creation And Copywriting!”
Most Newbies find it pretty hard to write persuasive copy… and… it takes them absolutely ages to put together their first product.

And that’s why it takes them so long to make money.

As an experienced 6 figure marketer I noticed this problem and decided to do something about it!

That’s why I’ve put together an amazing package that solves all the problems with product creation and copywriting and let’s you get get on with making money.

Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands On…

Get Your Hands On 9 High Quality, Hot Selling Products All With Master Resell Rights And Rebrand Rights for Just Pennies of  $10 of  PAYPAL or  ALERTPAY cash worth more than  $500

Here are the 9 instant businesses you will shortly be receiving:
1.  Create Hot Products Fast
How to create a line of hot−selling, highly−profitable
online products quickly and easily − even if you have
no prior product−creating or writing experience at all.
 Details here
Value $47
* Resale rights included
 2.  Resell Rights Profits
A superb collection of ideas for how you can make
money from the resell rights business
Details here
Value $47
* Resale rights included
3. SureFire Wealth − Silver
Enjoy a continual stream of the newest ebooks,
software, videos, templates and niche products with
Resell and Master Resell Rights.
You will receive a 1 year silver membership for free.
Details here
Value $147
4. AutoResponder Unlimited
Use this tool to develop unlimited
sequential follow−up email
campaigns without the expensive
monthly fees of some services or the
high cost of other autoresponder
Details here
Value $49.97
* Resale rights included
5. Autoresponder Maximizer
If you have read other books on autoresponders before
here is something very different. It will take your
autoresponders to a whole new level.
Learn the art of following up effectively so that you
can clinch the sale.
Details here
Value $47
* Resale rights included
6.  Super Rebrander
This tool will create a PDF book from an
HTML page, plug in affiliate links and
download on the fly.
All your affiliate needs to do is promote one
Details here
Value $67
7.  e−WriterPro
No need to buy the mega−expensive Adobe
Professional or settle for poor alternatives.
This tool will create professional looking and
secure PDF files
Details here
Value $10
* Resale rights included
8.   30 Days to Internet
Marketing Success
This 2−volume ebook has become a runaway
best seller since its launch in 2003 − hailed as
the best compilation product of experts ever
You will see that it sells for $97 here
Value $97
That totals up to  $511
But it will cost you . . . just    $10.
Yes − that’s right, only TEN dollars.
Why such an amazing bargain ?
9.  However − there’s ONE MORE item you receive when you get the package.
It’s a special link − resembling an affiliate link.
It will look like this… etc … but check out  here to download your own FREE EBOOK
When you give out this link your visitors or readers will be taken to the same
website page that you have just come from and they will download this very
same book as you have done.
But when they click on the Magic Button at the end of this book it will have
YOUR Paypal address  and.or  Alertpay address ** in it.
That’s right − they will pay YOU the full $10.
It’s like an affiliate program which pays (an unheard of) 100% commission.
Except that the payment goes directly to your Paypal account, you don’t need
to wait weeks before the affiliate program owner pays you or until you meet
their payment conditions.
You will keep every single penny you earn, I get nothing.
Wow !!!
** P.S. There are other payment methods besides Paypal. Check here
 IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE PAYPAL or  ALERTPAY accounts  i.e  OPENING &  FUNDING of these accounts and do check out for updates there and  we are experts in doing these with instant opening,funding and buying of these accounts cash.
>>>>After you must have funded either your PAYPAL account or  ALERTPAY account with   $10 , first head over to  to download your free ebook that will shed more light to your hearings  and  point  your  browser to  for your instant      9 High Quality, Hot Selling Products All With Master Resell Rights And Rebrand Rights for Just Pennies of  $10 of  PAYPAL or  ALERTPAY cash worth more than  $500. 
You can reach me on  +2348039614606  or  mail me on  for any assistance.
But Wait…
Now let me show you…
 HERE ARE 4 Amazing Ways You Can Make Money With These
Awesome Instant Businesses!

First, you can sell them as stand alone products. These are high value products and there is a massive market of people who are happy to hand over cash for them.

Second, you can give them away to make money from your affiliate links which are embedded in the eBooks. This will give you multiple streams of income.

Third, you can use some of the awesome money making advice contained within the books themselves!

And…    Best Of ALL.

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