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You will agree with me that it can be very confusing when you first start out trying to make money online.
There are so many choices, so much information and if you’re not careful you can end up spending more than you earn.This write up is intended to shorten and simplify the learning curve and hopefully save you making too many mistakes.
Obviously you want to get on with earning without wasting your time and money.
The information is intended as a guide only, and must be used based on your own due diligence.
You must make up your own mind about what’s right for you.
Top Tips:
Some people seem to make money very quickly on the internet but it doesn’t always happen overnight.
Take the long-term view and give it 6-12 months before you decide if this has worked for you. (Let’s face it,
many people stick to the ‘job’ option for 40 years even though it will probably never give them what they want,yet they won’t stick at their own business 5 minutes!)
People who try something and then move on after just a few days or weeks are not likely to get the success they are looking for.
Making money online is a business and needs to be treated as such. You need to make goals of what you want to be earning in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and beyond, then draw up a plan of the steps you are going to take to achieve this.
How much time will you devote to your new business each day? Are you prepared to study this massive subject so that you understand the best ways to be successful? Are you open-minded or do you think everyone’s out to scam you?
UPDATED: It is obvious that you will need a duly verified PayPal  account that you can operate even if you are in unsupported countries like Nigeria as you go on in your online business pursuit either to receive payments,make payments or send payments worldwide as most websites online are strictly using paypal and I will advise you to get it done as soon as possible as it is one of the best online business tool that you can never regret getting and what is the way out of you might want to ask me.The way out is very simple as all you need to do now  is to CLICK HERE to
see “How To Open,Verify,Own & Operate a Verified PayPal Account here in Nigeria for Legal Transactions
Are you prepared to follow the successful people who are already making money online?
This point is, I believe the key to making money easily online.
Why spend time and money making mistakes when you can learn from those who know the best way to be successful? With that in mind, let’s move on.

So, first of all here is some of the most popular ways to make money online:
Google Adsense but let me a little bit about Google Adwords so that you will grab more sense on how GOOGLE ADSENSE works at the end of this write up.
Google Adwords is a highly targeted way to send traffic to your site or other people site,but it’s paid traffic.
You risk wasting a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing with adwords.
For newbies, google adwords are the ads that appear down the right hand side of the page when you do a search on google. So, key in ‘hotels New York’ to a google search box and a whole page of results comes up (followed by many more pages) which will include websites, articles and so on.
Down the right hand side are ads, paid for by people who make money from New York hotel bookings etc. When someone clicks on the ads, the person who placed the ad gets charged for the click. A percentage of the clicks will lead to sales.
The key is, to get as high a percentage of people as possible buying your product in relation to the number of people who click on the ads. AND to get as many clicks as possible for the number of times your ad is displayed. That way, your cost per click comes down, which increases your profits.
So, if your ad shows 300 times and 100 people click on your ad, and out of them a high percentage buy, you’re laughing.
However the opposite can also happen.You can end up spending more than you make back.
There is an excellent Google Adsense EBOOK & VIDEOS I’ve packaged for YOU about how to get it right with this system, I highly recommend it, but again, make your own mind up, but I would suggest that you tread carefully if you just go into this without the proper research.
This is crucial information,because without it you could spend months or years getting a Google Adsense Account approved or that approved Google Adsense account of yours not making the money that you desire out of the programme as most observed.

Simply writing lots of articles is not the main key to success with adsense,as you will see if you get this package but first download this comprehensive Google Adsense EBOOK for FREE here at
With google adsense, you have other people’s google ads on your website or blogs
which you can start today.
Whenever someone visits your site, if they click any of the ads,you get paid regardless of whether they actually buy anything!(Don’t click on your own Google adsense ads, else you’ll get banned).
You need good content on your site to draw people in to your site,(you can use articles written by you, ideally, or someone else if you aren’t good at writing,search article directories for relevant ones and make them unique by either using your hand or some very powerful softwares though usually expensive but there are some that I can give you and will give you if you opt in into …) and the free ebook in the next paragraph will help you too if you are creating your own blog or site.
Google likes original content and your site will rank best if the contents are unique.
Some of the EBOOKS that you need to read are downloadable freely at 
N.B:Not only do you get the Google Adsense EBOOK only, but valuable informations too.
Here’s an interesting story to inspire you about the income possibilities with google adsense:One guy set up a free online dating site and put adsense ads on it. Because the site was free, truckloads of people came to it, and he made a million dollars in 2 months just from people clicking on the adsense ads! So, give people great value on your site and you will reap big rewards!

To your SUCCESS.
Presegs Adesida of  PRESEGS Infotech GlobalBiz MultiConcepts
You can reach me directly on  08039614606  or use the contact form below to reach me.

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