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 You are greatly welcomed back after a long while of me updating this blog but you are here to discover something so interesting as all work no play will make jack a dull boy but I just feel like updating you with this as culled from one of my other blogs at http://www.presegsunderstanding.com

Gone are those days that we do play Mario games and later came SEGA console which I do play a lot of games PES,Micheal Jackson MoonWalker, Sonic,Street Fighter and many more but I  missed playing those games after my own console spoilt and buying another ones was wastage of money as they do spoil so easily which made me to quit buying them and went for Play Station,PSP,Nintendo  and many more but I was so glad when I discovered how to Play those SEGA games on my mobile phone in which I played 
ROBOCOP and THE TERMINATOR,MOON WALKER  and many others on my phone still with the same graphic as if I was playing it on a PC and I was really amazed but I’m here to show you how I did it so that you too can as well play those games right there on your mobile phone?
Are you ready?If yes,just follow the steps below but before then,note that what you need mainly  are

Picodrive  be it  S60 v3 or s60 v5 versions  and  
series of  ALL SEGA GAMES 

You got that?To download Picodrive,just type “Download PicoDRIVE”  into  google.com,download it and install it. or just CLICK HEREAfter you must have installed it,you need series of   ALL SEGA GAMES  that are compactible with Mobile phone.
No need to worry as I will give you a setup to download at the download link that i will provide at the end of this article and after
you must have downloaded it,open  PicoDRIVE   and Click on  
“Load Rom” browse through where you stored that game either on your phone memory or memory card and click done.

Within a while,you ADVANCE GAME will start running and you can then play it as if YOU are playing it on your Personal Computer using your Sega Console.

WONDERFUL!  !!You can now play SEGA GAMES on the move wherever you go.

Download  XMEN here at  http://www.4shared.com/file/HNfOoksg/X-Men__E_.html

Download  Robocop and the Terminator here at http://www.4shared.com/file/yYkZp5K2/Robocop_vs_The_Terminator__E__.html

Download  PRINCE of PERSIA  here at http://www.4shared.com/file/PNkAYNEF/Prince_of_Persia__U__.html

Download  Micheal jackson Moon Walker here at 

or just CLICK HERE.

Brought to you by  Presegs  Adesida.
Enjoy yourself…

Source: http://www.presegsunderstanding.com/2012/09/discover-how-to-play-sega-games-on-your.html

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