Discover the secret of owning your Own Verified PayPal account from Nigeria

[ 2 ] November 5, 2012 |

Wait a minute! !!You might want to ask who I am that have the audacity to give away guide and secret about PayPal account.

Anyway,I’m Adesida Oluwasegun who is the CEO of  PRESEGS Infotech Globalbiz MultiConcepts  and I’ve been successfully using my PayPal account from Nigeria which happen to be one of the countries not officially supported by PayPal since 2009 and I’ve never  lost any of my cash to them nor that of my Nigerian customers that I’ve helped to open and verify their own very verified PayPal account.
Though I used more than six months to study PayPal before I could break their jinx.

In short,you should listen to me attentively and never try to miss any of my message to you as I will give you the guide and secret  you need to own and operate either a verified or an unverified PayPal account from Nigeria.
To start with,tell me just tell you what a PayPal account is in a lay man meaning though I know that you know it but let me assume that You’ve forgotten:

A paypal account is an online payment solution system that makes you fund your
account with them to enable you make and receive payments online. 
With PayPal account you can buy things online and also receive money from it too.
Owning a paypal account is very important such that most internet marketers own and
use it but these days,almost everybody browsing online

or doing one or two things online need it as you will agree with me that you too need it either to make payment online or to receive payment or get paid.

Download my Naija PayPal Secret and Guide Unleashed all for FREE…
Discover How To Own A Verified & Functional PayPal Account As a Nigerian & from Unsupported Countries plus how to operate it,make money into it,fund it and withdraw from it into your
Nigerian Bank Account without being blocked or LIMITED Guaranteed …

Plus learning my simple secret,step by step guide of opening,verifying,funding,withdrawing and making cool cash into a PayPal account in Nigeria and in any part of the world irrespective of your location.
 Let me ask you this once again more!Are YOU really serious about owning a …functional/accessible PayPal account even if your country is banned by PayPal

If yes,click HERE  now to  request FREE details as you are on the right place as serious secret and guide awaits you.

To Your PayPal Success

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  1. matex says:

    okay in that case if you say its very easy i think the best thing is if i could have u teaching me live or just putting me tru….,
    i live in kwara state but i will come to osun state pls i would to meet you on this pls for God sake pls/.

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