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You will agree with me that Marketing your business on Twitter 
can be a bit like playing the 

lottery – it can be a hit or a miss but

since the day that I discovered some secrets that I’m here to share with
you today,my marketing  skill on twitter changed for good and my sales
received a turn around and I’m sure that you too will be so glad in
knowing this tips and here they are below:

Oftentimes, the results for
one buyer can be quite remarkable while the results for another

buyer can be completely ordinary or even underwhelming.  There

is no secret to promoting on Twitter. A lot of time it boils

down to pure luck. But the rest of the time it comes down to my

top 10 list:

1.Tweet like you mean it! Save dry, unoriginal and boring tweets
for people who don’t want to succeed! Your tweets need to POP!

Remember that my account gets a lot of traffic. I post about 10-

20 messages a day. 
My followers are very interested in business,

making money, self-enrichment, and other great opportunities

that you can bring to them. They are extremely active and tend
to trust my recommendations.  However, these are REAL people and

they won’t just click on any random link. You have to give them

a reason to click.

2.Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think about

everything you are putting forward to promote your product. Look

at your message. Would that message call your attention? Click

on your link and visit your site. Would you stay on that site

for more than 5 seconds? Locate the sign-up link or purchase

button. Would you have been able to find it easily? Reflect on

your product or service. Is it high quality? Would you be happy

with it if you purchased? Answer these questions and any other

question that you may ask as a buyer and then use the answers to

help you improve your marketing strategies and business.

3.Use capital letters sparingly, but use them! You may not want to

create an entire 140 character word out of only capital letters

because some people may find that offensive, but you can add a

word or two in capital letters that you really want to stand

out. Words like FREE or AMAZING are examples of some.

4.Use power words in your tweet to pique people’s curiosity about

your product or business. Words such as “INCREDIBLE” or “MUST

SEE” will not only grab people’s attention but will make them

wonder what you are talking about.

5.Add a link to your message that will send people directly to

your product. Don’t send them to a secondary page or to a

website full of information that may confuse or irritate them.

Many times all you have is just a few seconds to catch someone’s

attention so make sure you send them to the best page for that

6.Make sure that the sign-up page or purchasing button is

highlighted and easy to locate.7

7.People want quality products and services. This isn’t a secret.

If you’re trying to mislead people then you’re wasting your job

promoting it. The average person is constantly inundated with

spam and “get rich” schemes that they almost have a six sense

about this. If they feel your product is disingenuous or too

good to be true, they won’t give you a chance. So, honestly

assess what you are promoting and ask yourself if you’d purchase

it knowing all you know about it. If you wouldn’t then try

selling something you actually believe in.

There is no one day that will guarantee a sell but there are

days that have been commonly elected as most effective selling

periods for certain times of items. Research these studies and

try them out.  
For example, it’s been widely held that Tuesdays

and Wednesdays are the best days selling in general. Mondays are

great for electronics. The weekend is great for books. Tuesday

is great for travel.

8.Don’t instantly give up on promoting simply because your first

attempt didn’t yield perfect results. Analyze what could have

gotten wrong and then try to correct if. Look at your tweet. Was

it strong enough, captivating enough? If not, reword it and try

again. Did you send out your message on a day that may have not

been the best for your type of business? Try another date! Many

times people don’t want to put in the work to find a solution to

their promotion problems but if you don’t put the time in no one

will put it for you.

9.People mainly use Twitter for entertainment. They go to this
social site to wind down and relax. If they visit sites, they

usually want the information to be given to them as

simplistically as possible. Most people are not looking to read

paragraph after paragraph of information.

10.People enjoy receiving free gifts. If you can add the word

“FREE” to your tweet, studies have shown that it will increase

people’s interest by 15-20%.  Once you have people click on your

link to see what free item you’re offering, make sure it’s a

quality item and preferably something to do with what you are

trying to sell or advertise.”

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