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To be sincere with you,there’s only one real reason of owning  an online business and it is greatly becuase money want to made from this. If you own a business online and you are not making money, then you have an online hobby.
Both are lots of fun and can be very rewarding, but most of us want to make money. To make money on line, you need a website. This is your online money machine.
To get a website, you can either rent, buy or build it
Just before we look at the three business options, let’s take a moment and think ahead a bit.
Regardless of what type of site you choose, your success is dependant upon your marketing. You can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, you may as well be selling sand in the desert. So before you decide on what type of online business is best for you, think about the amount of time and/or money that you are willing to invest into  marketing and advertisement.
Now let’s take a closer look at the three business models.

Renting a website is the easiest and fastest way for you to get online and selling a product,virtually within minutes.
How do you rent a website?
By becoming an affiliate of someone else’s site.When you become an affiliate of many online businesses,you get your ‘own’ version of their site. This replicating website gives you a professional website that you can refer others to and make money when they make a purchase.
If you choose to go this route and rent a website, make sure you are signing up with a business that offers you a quality product that is in demand, a support system, a proven way to make money, and ready made marketing tools. Quality online businesses that offer replicating websites usually provide you with banners,text links, classified ads, solo ads and tips that will
help you get stated with your marketing campaign. This is the fastest way to get into business and start making money.

The next option is for you to buy a website. You can buy a site that has just been built, or a site that already has a proven track record. The advantage of buying a brand new site is you are in full control of the site’s reputation in the marketplace. With a little marketing savvy, you can have visitors in your door, the same day you buy the site. If you choose to buy a site that has been around for some time, you also inherit the site’s traffic, marketing systems and procedures. This can be a great way to jump right into the business with both feet flying. The business is already established and you simply take control of the management procedures. The major pitfall to be careful of is the business’ reputation. If the business owner is a known scammer or spammer, people will stay away from the site, no matter what you do.

Build it and they will come. It works in the movies, but unfortunately, not on the net. If you choose to build your own site it can be an extremely rewarding experience.
There are many companies that offer software which allows you to build your own site without knowing HTML. If you choose to use Microsoft’s FrontPage(TM), you get the option of building the site in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) format and then click on the HTML page to view the code. It is extremely useful to have access to your site’s HTML code as some marketing programs require that you have access to this code.
Building your own site will take some time, effort and creativity. If you are looking for a learning experience that can provide you with an amazing feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, building your own site may be the answer for you.

Whether you rent, buy or build your online money machine,you need to keep in mind that this business is the same as any other. You can always build a better mouse trap, but if you don’t market it like crazy, you won’t catch any mice.

God will bless you in all your endeavours.

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