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 Welcome and first of all,note that this website www.moneyalter.com is a complete scam
 website and never have anything whatsoever to do with them.They are scamming people of their  e-currency cash such as LibertyReserve,AlertPay,PayPal,Moneybookers,egold  and lots more.

Visit http://scam.com/showthread.php?p=1138233#post1138233 to read my experience and that of others with them.
Secondly,If you have Liberty Reserve account,you will be receiving messages from a body that seems/hide as if that they are Liberty Reserve whereas they are not and mind you,you might not receive message from them if you do not transact much with Liberty Reserve but as for me,I transacted more than $1,000 btw last week and now with it and that might be one of the reason for them sending me phishing link so as to get my username and password but they guess wrong as “dey think say PRESEGS na mugu or dulling dude”.Their plans FAILED and Glory be to God for His Wisdom and understandings on my life.
NOTE:FAKE Liberty Reserve message will come from Liberty Reserve telling you different lies that your account had been suspended or others and at the end will tell you to click on a link to resolve it.
Rubbish and you need to change all your Liberty Reserve details(password,login pin and masterpin) immediately if you’ve fallen into this mess.

NOTE that real Liberty Reserve message comes FROM no_reply@libertyreseve.com and they will never tell you to login via a link or tell you that your account had been suspended or any other rubbish.
Imagine! !!I recieved this last message not quite long that I wanted to send $211 to a company titled
“*** Liberty Reserve account suspension notice ***
============================== ==============
Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Always inform you about security changes.
Never send you any links or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.
============================== ==============

Dear Valued Customer

We have suspended your account because you received money from a stolen account.

We understand that this may be an inconvenience but please understand that this temporary limitation is for your protection.

How can I restore my account access?

Click the link below and confirm your Liberty Reserve account information, otherwise your account access will remain restricted and you will not able to send and recive money:


Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail.

For information and support please use our contact form in the help section of our web site.

Please DO NOT reply to this e mail.
If you encounter any problems, kindly contact our technical team.
Liberty Reserve will never ask you any details about API

© 2002—2012 Liberty Reserve S.A. All rights reserved.

I LAUGHED! !!when it is not PayPal and I don’t even fear those messages from PayPal as I know how to resolve this issue and I’ve even resolved this before with one of my account last year December with $123 in it.
Thanks and I hope that you really find this information very useful.
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To your Success both Offline and Offline
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Goodluck! !! !!!

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