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[ 1 ] January 6, 2012 |
The first thing striking my eyes when I visited Harvey Segals site supertips dot com was the plain and simple design of his website. 

Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary.    I even thought the site looked obsolete and wondered if the guy gets any traffic.    I had no idea…

Harvey Segal is one of the big players in the internet marketing industry.    He started online in 1997 – so he  truly is a veteran in this business.    He owns the Clickbank Success Forum (over 12000 members) and is acknowledged as the worlds top ClickBank expert…now we’re talking!

On his main site supertips dot com Harvey offers plenty of ebooks you can download for free.    He doesn’t even ask you for your name and e-mail adress, and that impressed me right away. 

I downloaded “The Ultimate SuperTip”.    This 39-page ebook literally blew me away.    It is possible for everyone to make money with this ebook and I will explain you exactly how. 

This ebook is ingenious.    Please read until the end. 

But first, before we go to the ingenious twist, let me give you insight to Harvey’s basic concept:

The concept is to create your own product by means of resell rights or private label rights products.    Let’s assume we would create an ebook for a particular niche.    This will be a free information type ebook that delivers content to its readers.    In others words, it presells the product.    We will use this free ebook to promote our product by weaving in some links in a natural way – practically as a source for further information. 

The next step is to write articles to promote the free ebook.    These articles can be submitted to article directories, article announcement lists and ezine publishers.    Simplified, the process looks like this:

Article —presells—> free ebook — presells—> product

But that’s not all.    To get bucket loads of traffic we would mobilize what Harvey calls “an affiliate force” to our product.    That’s why we created our own product instead of just promoting someone else’s product.    As a clickbank vendor for example, we would allow our affiliates to use their affiliate link to our product inside the free ebook. 

So far, so good. 

In chapter 4 of the Ultimate SuperTip, Harvey offers you a package of 10 items (ebooks and software) to implement this basic concept he presented in the previous chapters.    This package is worth $511.    You can get the package for a crazy price of $10.    And let me tell you: There are some KILLER products included! This is a highly attractive offer if you consider what you get:

1) 1 Year Surefire Wealth – Silver Membership.    This membership site provides you with new ebooks, software, videos, templates and niche products with Resell Rights and Private Label Rights!

2) Ebook: Create hot products fast

3) Ebook: Resell Rights Profits

4) Ebook: Autoresponder maximizer

5) Ebook: 30 days to Internet Marketing success (Volume 1 + 2, a total of about 1100 pages). 

6) Ebook: Bloggers Guide To Profits

7) Software: Autoresponder Unlimited

8 ) Software: e-WriterPro

9) Software: Super Rebrander

10) Video Ebook: How To Create A Minisite In 30 Minutes Or Less

These products are a lot more worth than $10.    By clicking the “Magic Button” at the end of the ebook you’ll get forwarded to the sales process. 

Now, here’s the final ingenious twist: With the above package you will also receive a special link – your affiliate link. 

This link allows you to sell the whole package over and over again.    That is, whenever a visitor clicks on your affiliate link they will be redirected to the page where they can download the free ebook “The Ultimate SuperTip”.    When they decide to buy the package and click the “Magic Button” at the end of the ebook it will have YOUR Paypal and Alertpay adress in it.    This means YOU will get paid $10 directly in your Paypal or  Alertpay account. 

This means you will get 100% commission! But it doesn’t end there. 

To top it off, Harvey offers you to make $37 sales instead of just $10 sales.    How? You can choose how much you pay for the package – either $10 or $37 – and what you pay will determine how much others can pay you. 

If you decide to pay $10 you are only eligible to receive $10 payments.    If you pay $37 you are eligible to receive $10 AND $37 payments.    It’s a two-price option!

Besides if you choose the $37 option, you’ll receive another ebook called “List Blueprint” in addition to the 10 products listed above. 

And here’s the key: According to Harvey, 70-75% of the customers decide to pay $37 for the package.    So the $37 option is preferable!

To demonstrate this mathematically let’s have a look on your first 4 sales (hypothetical):

Option 1: You pay $10. 

10+10+10+10= $40 (4 Sales)

$40-$10= $30 profit

Option 2: You pay $37.    (remember, 70-75% choose this option) Sales on average would be:

37+37+10+37= $121 (4 Sales)

$121-$37= $84 profit


Kudos to Harvey Segal.    This is an brilliant idea.    It’s a perfect marketing concept.    Sorry if this post appears to sound like a sales letter to some extent, but honestly, this is the most sophisticated concept I discovered so far. 

Just think about what you can do with this once you bought the package.    If you have a website or a list of subscribers – perfect! But even without that – Everybody is interested in a free ebook with valuable content!

So if you are as thrilled as I am about the “Ultimate SuperTip”

You can get and download it by sending   “THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP”
  without quote with your email address to  my email address    INFO@THEULTIMATESUPERTIP.INFO    and  check your inbox within 3mins for a message from Presegs Adesida  with topic name  ‘Thanks for your enquiry’,open it and you’ll see the link to download this EBOOK.    It’s 100% free and you don’t even need to give away your name and e-mail address.   See YOU next time and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this website by submitting and confirming your best email address into the form above so that you’ll be receivig such of this updates as we post them directly into YOUR email.Thanks! !!

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