ETISALAT 100 naira Data bundles and others newly launched by ETISALAT.Check it out! !!

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Etisalat Daily Internet Bundle (10MB/24 hours) – *229*2*1#. N100

 Etisalat Weekly Internet Bundle (50MB/7 days) – *229*3*4#. N500.
 Etisalat 100MB Internet Bundle (30 days) – *229*2*1#. Service fee is N1,000.
 Etisalat 500MB Internet Bundle (30 days) – *229*2*2#. This costs N3,000.
 Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Bundle (30 days) – *229*2*4#. Access charge is N5,000.
 Etisalat 3GB Internet Bundle (30 days) – *229*2*3#. You will be charged N6,500.
 Etisalat 6GB Internet Bundle (30 days) – *229*2*5#. Subscription fee is N8,000.
 Etisalat Night & Weekends Internet (30 days) – *229*3*3#. Tariff is N5,000.
 Check your Internet data bundles balance by dialing – *228#.

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