Facebook has plans in assisting business men and women by launching FACEBOOK Chat on mobile web browsers today 18th of October 2012

[ 2 ] October 18, 2012 |
Good day friends and you are greatly welcomed back as you are onto
LEGALWEALTHCREATION.COM once again and I will be talking about
FACEBOOK Mobile chat that I just observed launched today 18th of
October 2012 i.e Facebook Mobile Chat Launched Today On Mobile Phones’ Browsers like Operamini and I’m discussing on it looking at the angle of business and wealth creation.

You will agree with me that FACEBOOK had been a source of
traffic,revenue and many more for so many people especially business
men and women,companies as they’ve been promoting their products and
service therein for them to make money and create wealth.

I was amazed seeing FACEBOOK mobile chat on my tab when I logged in
this morning and I clicked on it and I was amazed that I saw my facebook friends that were online.
I inititated a chat with them and it showed up once and for all and I started chatting with them.

Another amazing thing is that you can as well turn ON or OFF facebook
Mobile chat just as we do on Facebook desktop mode if you do not want
to chat with your friends.

That is great..Isn’t it and how do you think that this will affect
those actively using FACEBOOK as means of promoting their
brands,products and services.

To use Facebook Mobile Chat on your mobile phone browsers very well and to save your MB very well,download and install operamini from opera.com and log in into facebook.

After logging in,click on CHAT icon after notification,click on TURN ON and you will see your facebook friends that are online.

Just click on the name of anyone that you want to chat with and you are connected.

To chat with lots of friends,open different tabs on your operamini and open facebook on each tab as much as you want depending on your type of operamini and phone but operamini 7.0 for Symbian phones,smart phones works best in this way.
I will love to hear from you using any of the comments boxes below

Best of luck and have a wonderful day.
To your success
Presegs Adesida

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i have a blackberry 8520. when i turn chat on there is no apparent way to turn it off..any suggestions?

  2. Are you using blackberry native browser or operamini.
    Download and install operamini from m.opera.com

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