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Procrastination is a big fat ugly word! It is of
no use to procrastinate but I bet everybody
does it at some moment of his life.
Your business isn’t going to give you millions just
by thinking about it. Just start as soon as possible.
The following is a list of problems one faces before starting up
Thinking about the business Planning about your new initiative is
always good but do you think it is good to keep
thinking about it and not doing anything?
Majority of ideas that come to a person are
not implemented, not because the ideas lacked strength but too much
thought was put into it. Great businesses were never thought out well
when they started..
Everysingle one of them had to evolve to make it
in the list of millions. Trying to make that
perfect business plan As Kyle says, “there is no such thing called
perfect”. In the name of perfection we only have an excuse of working
However,there are some genuine cases where a
project is scrutinized with great care. In such
cases, the motive may be applauded but, in my personal opinion, I
would like to get
more experience by doing more work rather
than perfecting the one thing.

Mental dichotomy
Starting up requires one to have a single focus. Often, it is observed
that a person who
starts up is injected with thoughts of making
business multiple business incomes. It is in
such cases, that the mind should be brought
to rest. One good idea to maintain calm is to keep noting down the
ideas that come naturally. You can start on one then ,maybe,after the
revenues come in, you can take the intitative on moving on with the
next one.
But, the focus should be one at a time. The
human mind is made that way!

Our consciousness may have the multiplicity of
reach, but our focus is always on one. The Inner Drive This one should
have been the first point. It
is such an important aspect of doing anything in life. The more a
person attacheshimself with what he loves doing, the more successful
he becomes, the less the effort required from his side to do the job.
It is only during the times of trial and despair that passion is
In such circumstances, a not so passionate person usually gives up
feeling dejected, but a
passionate person keeps on working for the
sheer love of the work. Problems come up every day in every aspect of
our lives. It is how we handle them that matters in the long run. For
a startup, there is no reference point so there will always be

In the case of an experienced guy, he knows the pros and cons!

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