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Without wasting much of your time,you will definitely agree with me that 90% of Nigerians who had tried Opening,Verifying and Operating a Verified PayPal account of their own in Nigeria eventually got their account Limited/Blocked by not following the hidden Secrets Of Operating it successfully by equipping themselves with dos and don’t of paypal as “it is one thing to have a verified paypal account even with the right tools and it is another thing to operate it successfully for life” as I normally say if you’ve been conversant with me before.

…But thank your luck for being here today as you will discover these hidden secrets of Owning and operating A Duly Verified Paypal Account That Will Be Accessible and functional For  you for Life as I’m doing and as well giving some hundreds of other Nigerians if not thousands the hope if you can follow my simple as ABC secrets and guides!
…But before that,let’s look into some details about PayPal because I believe that one needs to know more about what someone is going into before one can experience success.
Not just from anywhere but from the right source and from the right personnel that has these secrets that I’ve been working for years and will still be working.
I hear alot about paypal limiting accounts but let me quickly shed some lights in here about the differences between a paypal account that has limit and that one that has been limited or blocked.
i.Paypal account that has limit is the one that is still working fine but due to one or two reasons can only transact some restricted amount of cash and this pertains to an UNVERIFIED PayPal account.
ii.PayPal account that has been limited or blocked is the account that has been caught suspicious by PayPal either to protect owner,buyer or seller  and some informations will be required to be provided and the account will be released once they are satisfied with …

but no need to worry about your account being limited or blocked as I’m here to put you through their dos and don’t which if you know and apply to the way you operate your account,you will be free from their robot or staff wraths/limitations.
Note that even other paypal users in supported countries like U.S.A,U.K go through that same problem which you must note that is not because you in Nigeria or in unsupported country that your account(s) is/are being limited or blocked but it the way you’ve opened it and to be sincerely frank with you,it is most times “HOW YOU OPERATE YOUR ACCOUNT” but thank your luck for bringing you here today as your PayPal problem has been completely solved already believe me.
You will discover more piece of information,secrets and guides when you get your own copy ofmy  “Naija PayPal Secrets” guide which you will be able to download for free here on this site only or at  
at the end of this write-up and you need not  to be surprised if you see this ebook being sold on other channels like
where it is currently selling for N1,500 but you are lucky being here today as you will save for yourself this cash.

From my “Naija PayPal Secrets” ebook,you’ll discover:

·      1.How to get the best PayPal dedicated IP/VPN Software that had stood the test of time of PayPal accounts for more than 2 years now with which you can use to open and be accessing your paypal account without the fear of being limited nor blocked by paypal.
[With this,you will say everlasting goodbye to expensive monthly Dedicated Virtual Private Networks i.e VPN  that charges as high as $11 monthly that so-called PayPal gurus I’ve been telling you to go for but your account still being limited at the end of the day.
The software will help you to reduce the annual cost of operating your own verified PayPal account successfully in Nigeria by 80% with 100% Guarantee]
·         2.How to verify your paypal account within few days.At this point before it escapes my mind,don’t be deceived by those that have been promising to provide you a verified paypal account within 24hrs as such accounts don’t last.Soon or later,the account will be limited and I don’t want such to happen to you.Okay? and many more to be discovered.

Don’t yet believe me that you too can have and operate your own very PayPal account even despite your past experiences with paypal?
Take a look at this:

And transacted with successfully as you can see below:

And many more accounts but to mention but a few for now.
Note:I had to shade off paypal name for security reasons but you can still see “Adesida” which is me of which I funded the account with my own duly verified PayPal account that I’ve been performing so well for more than 2 years now without being limited.Hmm! My secrets that you are about to discover from/in my  “Naija PayPal Secrets”are doing the magics or whichever you can call it. 
Permit me to have a break and let me tell you that I have been silently exploring about how to open a verified paypal account for some years now until I finally got assurance that I finally broke paypal jinx early this year 2012.I have taught so many people about PayPal and helped them in opening and operating their own verified PayPal account successfully in Nigeria as I do and due to great demand from people trying to learn my gimmicks and secrets about operating paypal account from Nigeria,I had to write a short downloadable guide that explains everything about paypal and how to go about opening,verifying and operating your own verified paypal account right from Nigeria successfully.

I believe that you are a bit relaxed now and without wasting much of your time as I’m not as well in the mood to talk much now,I will implore you to Download My Naija PayPal SecretS EBOOK & GuideS for FREE HERE to Discover How To Become A Proud Owner Of Your Own Verified & Functional PayPal Account As a Nigerian plus how to operate & make money into it.Easily Fund it & withdraw from it into your Nigerian Bank Account without being blocked or LIMITED Guaranteed and Learn my simple secrets,step by step guides of opening,verifying,funding,withdrawing & making cool cash into Your PayPal account From Nigeria irrespective of your location in Nigeria.
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