Forex Trading;Is It Good Or Not?

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forex tradingThe fear of forex trading is the beginning of wisdom has been what I’ve been hearing from so many people since when I was so young. That adage made me scared going into forex trading despite that I have, I’ve met and know experts that are making killings doing this business.

I can vividly remember that I do meet a man in a cyber café I do browse from as far back 2006.I do stylishly stare at his screen to know what he do come to the cyber café for.But each time I look and stare at his screen, I do see something like the image attached to this update which this humble man do look at keenly. It wasn’t more than  after two months that I started observing that the man has been making money trading forex. I kept on asking myself if I should speak to him to teach me but as a serious student that I was then still seeking for admission into university, I didn’t go to him to avoid any distraction to my study not knowing that I will still finally find myself into it some years after.

During my university era , someone who I later got to know he was a forex trader just called me from nowhere as at the time I was very broke for e-payment service. He sent over $1,000 naira equivalent to my bank account to fund his Liberty Reserve account immediately he dropped call which I made huge commission from that very day.

I’ve been having change of mind about forex since I met Mr. David, the forex man who is also medical doctor and others who kept on coming back for more funds which means that they won’t keep on buying  from me assuming they weren’t making profit. That is that!

The Question of If Forex Trading is Good Or Not Is A Million Dollar Question. To me, it is Good IF you make money from it And it’s a bad idea if you don’t make money out of it  although one must have trading technical know-how and experience else one will keep loosing money. That makes forex trading risky but it has possessed one of business qualities which is risk that can be managed and prevented to the minimum by taking some things into consideration.

Some of them are:

1. Not to be greedy

2. One must have mastered how it works using demo platform and be sure of one’s status before using their live platform

3. One has to be patient carefully observing things before taking steps e.g one should start with very small amount of money for months before increasing money to be used little by little depending on how the profit margin has been with the forex trading business

4. One must be bold not  to be skeptical because it is risky if you are grabbed with fear when trading forex and many more precautions to be taken.

5. You must also do a thorough research on the tools and forex trading sites you want to be using.

Don’t forget that forex trading is good IF you make money from it And it’s a bad idea if you don’t make money from it and you can start making money today if you can watch this FREE VIDEO that Reveals “How An Ex-Personal Trainer Turned An Initial Deposit Of $500.00 Into $39,282 And A Growing Monthly Income Trading The Forex (And How You Could Too…) ” by CLICKING HERE

Best!  !!

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  1. Adamu says:

    Great post and question. Forex is risky but it is not bad. It is a very complicated trade and beginners should be careful and take their time. If they have the knowledge, skill and confidence to survive and earn profit they can be successful and receive high returns with minimum risk. Even if you lose money Forex can be a positive experience because it helps you expand your knowledge not just in Currency Trading but also in areas such as strategy, analysis, controlling emotions, psychological reactions.

  2. Great post!!
    Thanks for sharing this post here with us. I have gained a lot of information from this blog. Keep sharing such informative posts in the future also.

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