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You are welcomed & you are so lucky being here.Starting from today till the end of this week,I will be discussing on AFFILIATE MARKETING as this is an online business that everyone that wish to start making real and legitimate money online need to go into but one need to understand it concept very before someone jumps into it and here is an opportunity for you learn this freely for this whole.Stay tuned & lets start with; 

Many – and I mean many – Internet marketers have gotten their start through affiliate marketing. Consider this – you can start making money without creating a product, without dealing with support nightmares and even without a website. And you can get started immediately.
You get paid by bringing buyers to sellers. When they buy, you get a “piece of the action” — called a commission. So, if a prospect buys a $50 product, and the product pays 50% commission – you will make $25.
In other words, you are like a commission-only salesperson. Except that you don’t have to do all the selling – or, often, much selling at all. You don’t have to do take any “orders”. You don’t have to meet prospects “face-to-face.” All you have to do, often, is simply introduce interested people to the product. And it all happens online.
Considering that you can advertise on the Internet often for free or very inexpensively, it may be the perfect place to start, or expand, your efforts in creating an online income and an Internet business.
With no floors to sweep, no insurance to pay and advertising that can work for you 24 hours a day – it can easily become a fairly passive income. One you can start up while still showing up at the day job – or, when sufficient, taking “the rest of the day off” — nearly every day. 
Let’s get started…
DAY 1:
Finding products to sell is a small fraction of the Affiliate Marketing Plan. The “meat” of affiliate marketing is finding buyers. Trust me, if there are buyers, there will be products to sell.
In general, there are two really great types of buyers – people who will buy no matter what the economy is doing.
The first group is called “desperate buyers” — they have a problem and they need a solution – now. For instance, people who are in pain. Or, they’re facing a financial crisis (like an impending foreclosure). They are looking for a solution as quickly as possible – and these folks have a credit card hot in their hands searching earnestly for a solution.
The second group is “passionate (or rabid) buyers.” You know these people. Maybe you are one yourself. They are people who buy everything on a particular topic. Maybe it’s golf. Or baseball. Or Harry Potter. Food and cooking. These can also be people who buy anything put out by a particular manufacturer (remember Beanie Babies?).
Groups of folks with a common interest we call “niches.” Now, not all niches have buyers. We call niches with buyers “niche markets.” But we don’t want just a niche market – we want a niche market full of red-hot buyers.
So where do we find these rabid buyers?
Well, there are a number of places to look.
But, first of all, I’d recommend keeping your eyes and ears open.
What are those things that your friends and relatives simply can’t live without? What’s Oprah talking about?
Actually, one way to find hot buyers is to look at what are hot sellers. This actually can kill two birds with one stone – not only can you find hot markets, you can find the products that are popular with buyers.
For instance…
Nearly all marketplaces – eBay, Amazon, Clickbank – and the like will also have a list of hot products.
With eBay, there is – eBay Pulse
With Amazon, there is – A useful rule-of-thumb is if a particular book is ranked 20,000 or higher.
Checking on a particular niche – see if there’s a magazine on the topic —
Amazon Bestsellers in a variety of products:
The Electronic Marketplace, Clickbank:
Let’s say I’m looking for a product with hot buyers. If we look under the “Health & Fitness Category” we see products which are listed in Clickbank’s definition of “most popular.” Currently, the top two products are “Fat Loss For Idiots”, and “The Truth About 6-Pack Abs”

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