Free business idea you can run alongside your job, that wont cost you anything but can generate steady returns for you

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But there’s a question i’d like to ask you, my dear reader? What drives you? what makes you wake up 4am to leave the house 5am so you can get to another man’s business and work hard till 7pm, get home 9:30pm/10pm so you can fall asleep and repeat the circle all over? what is it?
Is it the pay you get, that you complain about each time you get it? the fear of not getting the pay at all?
Experience true freedom. Experience peace on your job. 
Start a business on the side that earns enough money as you get on your job and before long you notice two things: 
1. Your performance on your job will improve – because now you are free from fear/worry and anxiety of losing your pay or not meeting expectations
2. Your boss will accord you more respect.

I’ve got something for you today that will interest you. I want to give you a free business idea you can run alongside your job, that wont cost you anything but can generate steady returns for you.

what is this idea? drycleaning.

How much does the average drycleaning company charge for drycleaning shirts and trousers, natives and other tops? How much do local washermen and women charge?

Let me share a story of how this works.

Bayo (not real name) is an employee of a top consulting firm but also has his own drycleaning business. He has a young man who goes round picking up clothes from people, tags them and drops them with 2/3 washermen. He pays those ones per bundle and it typically comes to less than N100 per shirt or trouser for washing and ironing. yet he charges his customers an average of N200 per shirt or bundle. He makes a cool margin of N10 in between. He has protected his margin by having the washer men pick the clothes up themselves and drop them back so he really has to go nowhere but chase his customers.

what is the merit of approaching dry-cleaning this way?

1) You dont need any capital to start it
2) You wont run the risk of being distracted from your real job
3) It requires no real attentive monitoring.
4) All cash pass through your hands, gives you a good cash flow
5) With time you can increase your costs and if your services are ok, customers will pay.
6) After creating a sizeable customer base, you can invest in Machinery and reduce your cost further.

With regular drycleaning, the cost of buying good equipment can render a business broke for years. The initial outlay often puts pressure on businesses to demand high prices which scares customers away.

But before you start to point at the disadvantages of the idea i just shared above, see the principle i’m passing across.


The reason a lot of people dont have their business today is not start up capital.  A lot of people claim its startup capital that is holding them back but there is always a way to start that same business a lot less capital or none at all. I once spoke to the founder of Soulmate Hair care Products and he told me, he started his business in his kitchen using his frying pan to make the products that are today one of the best in the world.

Dont let capital hold you back. Sit down and rethink that business. there must be a way to start it with less capital or none at all. I once read a very revolutionary book by Bob Allen “Nothing down’ about how to make money in real estate without a dime. It changed my thinking. Most times we’re so focused on the money that we lose sight of the most important things. with real estate for instance its location. No matter how cool a house is or how cheap a property is, if it is in the wrong location, you can have it on your hands for a long period of time. But if you focus on the right thing, you can make a good investment and be out of it in a short time.

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