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Discover!… How To Make Massive Unlimited over $2000 monthly For Every Single Minutes of Your Effort… Quickly, Easily, And Automatically While You Sleep!

Earnings Disclaimer
“The earnings that you actually experience will depend on the amount of labor that you put into your efforts as well as your ability, experience, education, market trends, search engine algorithms, and many more personal and external factors.  We do not guarantee or otherwise promise that you will earn any particular amount of money.

That said, it IS possible to make money online. Thousands of people are doing it every day, and we hope that this report can help you join those ranks!”

The money making ideas contained in this report if well acted upon, is capable of generating times 50 of what ever you may have lost to the scammers in the past.

Accepts you; and in this case AlertPay does.

This brings us to the main focus of this report; How to Make Steady & Cool Dollars into Your AlertPay Starting with Just $10 or  $37.

Let’s go………………………………………………………

What You’ll Need

• An AlertPay Account

• A minimum of $10 funded into it.

• The Site that does the magic

• Setting it in auto pilot

• Profit and profit.

 N.B:You don’t have time to read all these?CLICK HERE to download it .PDF ebook format which you can read on your PC with adobe reader.
What is AlertPay?

Unlike most other payment processors, AlertPay accepts Nigerians and it’s free to sign up.

It is an account-based payment system where you can store

value in U.S. dollars and transfer payments to others and receive payments from others.

It is safe, reliable and confidential. With AlertPay, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere on the globe in just minutes!

Creating Account With AlertPay

AlertPay is FREE and easy to sign up. Click here  www.alertpay.comto register.

When the site opens, click on  CREATE ACCOUNT  and a new page will appear. Here, you will see an online form to fill.

Select PERSONAL PRO and fill it accordingly and within 3 minutes, you’ll be a proud owner of AlertPay account. Click here  to read free step by step guide on how to open it should in cash you need assistance in getting it done.

Funding Your AlertPay Account

Once your AlertPay account is ready, the next step is to fund your account with a minimum of $10.

There is handful of reputable AlertPay exchangers in Nigeria. Do carry out your search diligently and use anyone that you may like.Here are some of the few ones I’ve used before;


– ,, OR better still,

You can reach me on 08039614606 or 08091833866

or visit me on my website:

to fund your AlertPay account  at N190 per $$$$$$$$.

NOTE: Because AlertPay will charge you 1% of $10, you will need to fund your account with $11 to have about $11.90 in your account after the funding.

Making the Money – The MAGIC System!

This section deals with making the money into our  AlertPay proper via  this programme called “THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP

The system is a kind of new in Nigeria  but it’s been available worldwide for long and I can authoritatively tell you that it’s

trustworthy and here are few more reasons you should trust it:

• Your earnings are never kept elsewhere other than in your AlertPay account: Once you make money from this system, your earnings goes into your AlertPay account. Hence, eliminating the fear of loosing your money in case there’s a problem; which may likely never be in this case! (Believing God though!)

• Earnings are never compounded!

• The system uses strong referral arrangement to make sure that you get’s all your earnings you deserve.

• Presence of a Facebook fan page where you can discuss issues related to the program.

• You can also make money even if you choose never to promote.

• Presence of a contact us form you can always use in case you run into  any problem.

With all the above, you can see that this program is worth investing on if you really want to see some dollars roll into your AlertPay account continuously.

Let’s Move Fast To Get The MONEY… No time!

I now assume you have $10 or $37 in your AlertPay account following the instructions I gave earlier.

And if that’s true, let’s proceed to the websites that does the magic proper note that they are all the same and just that:

1st one =>  is where you can get much articles that I’ve written to use in promoting your affiliate link, CONTACT US  for more help and assistance and also to download more ebooks that will help you in making money in this programme.

2nd one=>  is where you can read testimonies of much World Internet Marketer,be able to download your free guide EBOOK and learn lots more on how to make more money.

3rd one=>   is the main link that you will use to pay/join this programme so to have all your packages of ebooks and softwares  and your reffering link where the money really lies.

4th one=>   which is the cloaked link which I did with my main reffering link

which you too will learn how to do in the next page below as I’ve discussed how to do this therein.

N.B:{Use Mozilla Firefox for better view and it’s adviseable to use PC to access these sites}

When you get to the site, fill the simple form there and JOIN.

Note: In case you can’t click any website here just copy and paste into your browser,they will surely open.

Please make sure you complete the process in order to receive your personal website and resources to start making money with this system.

Upon receipt of all payments, your account will be created where you will receive your promotion URL, check your stats, and be added to the site rotation for payments from signups made under your account rotation.

All payments go directly to the members accounts. No waiting to get paid, the money is credited to your account instantly

Once you are done with the payments, you’ll be prompted to fill in your user details and gets a referral link like the one below:

Where xxxx represents your unique number that had been generated for you while registering.

The link is too long right?

Why not make it shorter and easily memorable!

To do that, head over to and shorten it.

The new link is what you’ll promote to your friends if you wish to keep earning $10 from anybody you refer and he/she registers with

Even if you choose never to refer anybody, you’ll also be

earning money either by using the ebooks and softwares giving to you for doing yourself good or selling them as they have resale rights.

But, why shouldn’t any serious person follow the easy referral tips listed below that once set up, will keep making him/her $10 over and over again?

How to promote your referral Url for more AlertPay cash.

1. Facebook: Facebook is for sure one good place to promote your referral


You’ve got lots of friends on Facebook right? Why not tell them about this new

secured online system you just found out that helps them make money into their AlertPay account.

– Announce it on your Facebook wall.

– Create Facebook notes about it and then share it with all your friends.

– Create Facebook Group around it. You can give it a name like “How I Make Money Into My AlertPay Account Daily!” Once your group is created, invite your friends to it and also encourage them to invite their friends and always share their experiences and problems with the program on the group wall., your group will grow as a result of Facebook viral effect.

You can also share this report with them and encourage them to share it with their friends. – Search for Facebook groups with large number of members and contact their admin.

Ask them to help you broadcast your  THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP  personalized report to their members in exchange for a favor. The favor could be anything you can.

From experience, 4 out of every 10 group admins you contact we will give you a nod.

– You can also use paid Facebook ads. With as low as $50, you can buy to place your  referral URL in the faces of more than 500 people.

If only 50 persons joins, you’ll be making $10 X 50 = $500 of raw cool cash. That’s $450 profit! Do this over and over again and keep making such amount continually. We’ve not even talked about the $10 you’ll be getting indirectly! site/blog while playing around Facebook.

2. Twitter – Tweet about your THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP referral URL. Get twitter account.

3. Forum – Forums are good places to meet and share ideas. Why not start a thread for this on Forums. Doing a search on Google will throw up list of viable forums you can use. Below are list of some of them:,,,,,,

5. Mailing List: If you have a mailing list, you can promote your shortened referral link to them.

Assuming you were able to get 100 sign-ups through your link daily, it means INSTANT $1000 daily i.e. $10/person and another random $10 that will be coming to you here and there.

That’s it guys….

Promote and make money into your AlertPay.

The secret is; the more you promote, the more money you make. So get to work now.

You can also make use of the services of exchangers to convert your AlertPay funds into your local currency.

Please, do your diligence research around any exchanger you may decide to use.

How To Protect Your AlertPay Account From Hackers

Yes, you now have a AlertPay account, and may have some dollars in it.

You should also be mindful of the fact that ‘lions’ are roaring about looking for who to devour. So, don’t fall a victim.

You may start receiving phishing emails from people claiming to come from AlertPay. Be careful with how you click on links in any of such email.

Take a look at one of such email I received recently:

Can you notice that the link contained in the email is hyperlinked to their fake link? If you are not careful enough, you may think that the link there is a genuine one.

Also know it that AlertPay will always advise you by your name and not “Dear AlertPay user”.

If you fall for such scam as this, you’ll end up clicking on a fake link that looks like that of AlertPay, where you’ll be required to fill in your details.

From there, they would get your real details and login to your

AlertPay account and siphon your cash.Be warned!

For more tips on how to catch these LR fraudsters hands down and protect your AlertPay account from hackers, go    to  AlertPay  website.

That’s all for this free material.


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See YOU next time and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this website by submitting and confirming your best email address into the form above so that you’ll be receiving such of this updates as we post them directly into YOUR email.Thanks! !!

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