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[ 2 ] October 14, 2013 |

You will surely agree with me that gone are those days when getting mastercard to use for online purchases was nightmare but thanks to some companies that have now made it easier for anyone to have his/her own even without paying a dime.

Though we are aware that there are lots of companies that offer this service for free but there is one that we are going to recommend to you now which is PAYONEER and you can apply for their card service with your information especially your valid Identity card.

Are you with some of your information & identity card that will be needed?If yes,just head over to
to register and submit your application.You can make use of this card for purposes like verifying your PayPal,withdrawing from your PayPal,collecting payment from clickbank,fiverr,odesk,freelancer and lots more.

Right now as I’m updating this page,my sense made me to know that you’ll be so much interested on how to verify your PayPal preferably that of USA with this card especially if you are in countries like Nigeria,Ghana etc which is as simple as ABC.All you need are:

1.USA Dedicated VPN/IP which you can get the best one for just $40 yearly here at

2.Virtual USA Bank which will be given to you by payoneer or you cancontact us if you wish not to use that one for yours and you need to as well note that you can now add the payoneer card as well to paypal though that seems to be the new development.

3.Last but not the least are the guides available here  at the extreme end of that you need and other requirements such as real USA PHONE NUMBER though not compulsory but it’s highly recommended and you can get yourself the step by step ebook on how to configure your own USA PHONE NUMBER HERE

Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with Payoneer & for that reason,we cannot be held responsible for any problem you encounter with them as we’ve only recommended them to you based on our experience & what people have been saying about them.

Do you need any additional information,guideline or question on what we’ve just posted above?If yes,kindly make use of the COMMENT BOX below.

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  1. kphard says:

    Yea, got mine already, issued in my name from obodo oyinbo, so easy to to request for and verify… Dancing alingo

  2. charlie says:

    pls how can i make money online and how can i get a verified paypal account. pls how do i open us bank acount. i am a novice a copmlete novice and i know that you are very busy pls bros i dey beg u any asistance would be appreciated
    charlie recently posted…RegisterMy Profile

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