GOOGLE ADSENSE: ‘Facts about IT & How To Start Blogging and using IT for Cool Cash/Money’

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You are greatly welcomed back  and to remind you if you do not know before,

I’m Presegs Adesida [CEO at  LEGAL WEALTH CREATION . COM] who is a versatile Internet Business professional who is committed to making people wealthy no matter  the CIRCUMSTANCES and I’m here to talk a bit and to some extent about this questions that people have been asking either directly or indirectly and the question is:
How do I CREATE,what to talk about,get write-ups,ADSENSE 4 my BLOGSITE or WEBSITE?”  which do give rise to these:
1.How do I CREATE a blog?

2.How will I come up with What to be talking about on my blog?

3.Where will I get write-ups and articles to use or simply how do come up with posts?

4.How will I get Google Adsense Approved for it?

5.Do I need to use any software? And

6.How will I will collect my money from GOOGLE? and lastly before I forget,

7.How often should I update/feed my blog with articles & many articles or write ups should I have on my blog before applying   for Google Adsense ?…..Is there any limit to the amount of blog that I can have?  as I posted it unto nairaland  today which inspired to write this….

I’ve you ever taught and made research on how to start making real money ONLINE and you came across BLOGGING & monetising especially with GOOGLE ADSENSE?  as I too did when I wanted to start mine then but I finally started blogging with presegsunderstanding  .com  in which I later applied for Google Adsense and it was approved but my account was disabled when I about to receive my cheque of 100 euros then and gush… was a painful experience and I was then mad at GOOGLE then but I later realized that I was the one that made offena I wsa clicking on the google ads myself then  as I didnt read their policies as I didnt know that they have rules and policies to follow.

Because of my curiosity of making money with google because I knew that people[like Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog,linda Ikeji of lindaikejiblog  among many others which include myself of legalwealthcreation ]  are really making cool cash from it by doing almost nothing,I studied all their rules and I got another ADSENSE account approved via FLIXYA but that account was disabled for two reasons:
1.Google terminated their agreement with flixya and most accounts registered under them that are against some rules were disabled as mine was also among because of my posts as I was posting how to make money on flixya which I forgot that it is part of their policy……
I was mad at google the second time that my account shouldnt be closed like that because I’ve mastered their rules and policies but I didn’t master that of so called flixya then.

Note that GOOGLE do not like to see their ads where articles about hacking,cracking,too much of free browsing tips and tricks abound too much and also copy right contents as I could remember that this what caused ads serving to NAIJALOADED to be stopped after warning the owner himself several times but it is like he didn’t take quick action and God saved NAIRALAND some months back when ads serving was stopped by Google Adsense but he took quick action and it was restored… But do you know what now?
I’ve gotten an approved google adsense account now as PIN had been sent to me and next is my cheque…

To be candid,I got a legal and proven secret which made my adsense blogging to be so easy and which answers all the questions in the topic and other ones and do you know what?
I didnt want to share this secret but my mind keep telling me to share it so as to solve questions and fears of people about blogging to see it as easy thing using the right strategy and I’ve compiled the package in form of an EBOOK and VIDEOS  and lots more going for the 1st 100 people and 1st 10 smart people will get my wonderful additional software and I’ve used the strategy to come up with  and many more but it is the latest of all.

For more enquiry about the STRATEGY I’m using and how to grab a copy today and start using it to build your own successful blogging business empire and start making that making google cash you’ve been hearing and wanting to earn with ease,contact me via   0 8 0 9 1 8 3 3 8 6 6     or    and  do not  forget to join others that  do receive my FREE Guides,Reports & Ebooks though people don’t CHERISH  free updates nowadays but I still do give them via
$17.95 that I’m paying monthly to make it available always is not the big deal to me to get YOU informed and started is my main target and motive.

You can as well join others via the page and be informed..

Committed to see you wealthy,Presegs Adesida  and feel free to ask me any question by  posting it here as reply/comment or give me a call and I will be glad to give you  wonderful replies.

Thanks once again for your time.

 See YOU next time and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this website by submitting and confirming your best email address into the form above so that you’ll be receiving such of this updates as we post them directly into YOUR email.Thanks! !!

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