Here are Proven 4 ways of opening a verified PayPal account while in Nigeria plus amazing secrets unleashed

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I’m here today to share with you some tips about paypal that you must know.
You might want to ask me what a paypal account is.Right?It is an online merchant account aside other ones like Liberty Reserve,AlertPay but now PayZa,Moneybooker and many more.
You can use these accounts to make purchases anywhere it is being accepted online,send anyone cash and even request for cash i.e receiving cash or payment from anyone for either services or goods but note that only Liberty Reserve and Payza support Nigeria as we’ve been banned from using PayPal because of scams and frauds performed by some crooks in here.
But the good news is that you can run and operate PayPal account successfully in Nigeria if you are creating it to fraud or scam people and must know some tips about operating and you failing in putting these in place will make you to get limited and you might loose huge money to PayPal.

Are you scared?I’m reading your mind now saying that opening this account is risky and why do I need to have this account but one thing that is sure is that life genarally is a risk.
When I 1st started with my Online Business some years back,I was really scared of PayPal account just like you do as I even joined an affiliate programme called “THE ULTIMATE SUPERTIP” then that requires either PayPal,PayZa then AlertPay or Clickbank account but I later joined it with AlertPay but made no much cash with it after aggressive promotion which I even dedicated a blog at for and my affiliate EBOOK download link forwarded to and I kept wondering why I didn’t make much not until AlertPay was changed to Payza that I got to know PayPal takes 95%,Payza takes 4% and clickbank takes 1% which means that 95% of most affiliate marketers do join the ultimate supertip but we’ve removed Payza as mode of joinning it as they changed their policy which made me to get serious with it and because of it high demand by buyers and sellers online,security,reliability,scam protection among others.These combined together made me to decide in giving you the tips below about paypal and they are below:

There are about 3,4,5 kinda ways of opening a verified PayPal be it that of USA or other countries
depending on individual but there are some countries that are not really good for it but some are good.Okay?
Let me take for example,you can open that of Niger and Benin Republic which you can operate with Nigeria IP but what is there is that you need to speed 1 or 2 weeks there to get everything done but the painstaking there is that you cannot send cash with these accounts but can only receive cash into it but you can withdraw it into your bank account that you’ve opened with some specified bank over there.

You can as well open a verified PayPal account with virtual Credit card from virtual-cc as it still work very well and some other tips that you must in place.
Plz!Do not buy VCC from other supplier no matter as you will be scammed as I lost $25 LR to
ecurrencyzone last month as they gave me scrap thinking that I’m a newbie which didn’t as I just
risked my $25 with them to confirm some things as they’ve been so wonderful with service that they’ve been offering to me since last year.
They eventually lost their credibility with me and lost me as a regular customer.

Third way is by using USA VBA i.e USA Virtual Bank Account for PayPal verification and there are
two types viz for instant verification and that that will require deposit into the bank.Any of which is good but you must be very careful in selecting where to buy any of these from so as not to waste money.OK? But do use that for instant verification and you need VPN as well with some useful tips that must have.

4th way is by contacting a friend or well known people living in supported countries to open one for you and helping you to operate from there or get oyedepo John Ebook on how he explained how to do that with a guy on fiverr but … or you can as well buy a ready made verified PayPal account from some companies but …

5th way is to contact some Nigerians that are expert in this service and I as well recommend Patrick Ogidi and  Ken Nwanko for this for a USA verified PayPal account.
You can as well reach me 08091833866 or 08039614606 if you need me to open a special USA verified PayPal that you will be operating with Nigeria IP without limitation with wao support,tips and lots more for just N10,000[Negotiable depending on some factors that I will consider while we speak together]

Finally and as a note for you that have read ebooks that explain all d secret about opening a US Paypal acct.
You’ll pay for VPN service, use 2 new yahoo mails and verify it with a virtual US bank
acct which u can buy online too and they are wonderful though and straight forward though they’ve failed to include few of these my infos and tips below:
1.Gmail account is the best for it
2.Were you told that it is better and adviseable to have up to 3 paypal accounts viz USA verified PayPal,other non european paypal verified and another unverified one preferably that of non european as
one might be frustrated with that of USA start start it issue as it is the best and the most dangerous that no
one is being respected taking for example as I sent $855 paypal cash to a friend of mine in USA with a verified PayPal account to help me to withdraw it to his bank account and send it to my Dom account.
His account was limited for $500 monthly limit when he wanted to withdraw the cash to his bank account
though successful with getting the $500 into his Bank account and will be able to withdraw the remainning by next month and told to present his Social security no and proof of address to get the limit lifted.
 In short,people in USA do experience some hitch all to protect them from fraud and other reasons.
3.Were you told that there is a software apart fromVPN that works 100% if at all your network
disconnect cuz your location won’t be erronously displayed as it do happen with some VPN softwares.

4.Were you told that there is a special USA verified PayPal account that runs on Nigeria IP and many more.
I rest my case in here for now and feel free to reach me 08091833866 and 08039614606 for professional piece of advice and if you want to have a verified PayPal and operate it successful in Nigeria as I do and most other people do as well.
Warning:Don’t plan contacting me for paypal account if you want to use it for scam or yahooyahoo as I will know and if at all I didn’t know,paypal robot and workers will surely catch you up and your account limited but I will 100% and  24/7 support you to make your paypal account successful as I’ve been helping some legal Nigerians if you are legal and bet it with me,you will have a success story with paypal no matter your experience ever before with them.

To your utmost online success and see you once again in good health in my next update.

See YOU next time and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to this website by submitting and confirming your best email address into the form above so that you’ll be receiving such of this updates as we post them directly into YOUR email.Thanks! !!
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