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Good day & welcome to this page & I’m sure that you will find one or two of these quotes useful & feel free to drop anyone you have using the comment box below;Let’s go through them one after the other not leaving behind our thinking faculty so that we will be able to apply each one to our lives.
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“Everything you are today and everything you become in the future
will be determined by the way you think, and the way you use your
Brian Tracy.
Time and tide wait for no one. When you fail to plan, you plan to
fail. Be prepared, for you know not when opportunity cometh. One
sure way to get lucky is to be prepared. The better you prepare, the
luckier you get. Put a big value on yourself and watch the world
come after you!
Reduce to the barest minimum, time spent on watching television
and movies. If you value time you cannot afford to waste it by
indefinitely sitting idle watching other people make money.
Watching movies is the greatest time stealer. You spend money to
buy movies and then you sit idle for hours watching actors and
actresses make more money. Yet, you wonder why you are not rich
and successful!
Opportunity remains only with those who are ready to
receive her, and wastes no time with those who are unprepared for
her arrival. Indeed,
time and chance
happeneth to us all!
Preparation is the mother of good fortune. Therefore, make yourself
fortunate by being prepared for promotion and higher
responsibilities in your workplace, using your spare time or vacation
to educate and improve yourself. Look ahead and find out what new
opportunities will open up in your workplace or business in the
years ahead, and what skills and knowledge shall be required to
grab them. Then get prepared so that when the time comes, mother
luck will smile upon you because you are ready.
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