Here are recommended things you ought to do before you start a business

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Now I’m talking to the regular 8 to 5pm man/woman. You leave your house by 6am so you can get to the office for 7am and get home by 8pm everyday. You ask yourself what else can i do with my time that will be valuable? besides most times you’re tired, fagged out and barely able to even watch the news. You just want to sleep.

Your weekends are also choked with activities. You have a million wedding invitations. You have work in the office that could be tended to over the weekend. You have a friend you haven’t visited in a long time that you spend your weekends visiting.

So where is the time to do business on the side?

But are you able to live comfortably on your income? or are you already moving from one debt to another?

Before you start a business, you need to ask yourself if you really want to go into it?

because it wont be easy. You’ll have to still put in as much energy into your work to keep your productivity levels up while still running your business on the side. Also note that the business doesn’t always jump to a great start. Some do but most dont. They have hiccups that can be overcome but patience is required.

During the period things are not going well, you’ll need the answers you gave yourself when you asked yourself do i really want to do this business?
Another thing you need to do is to assess of what your skill sets are and what you can do with your skills. 

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