Here are what An Unverified Paypal Account Does.

[ 0 ] August 18, 2011 |
[1] It can receive payments
[2]It can be used to make payments or transfer money
[3]You can use it to pay people who has paypal accounts
[4]You can withdraw your money anytime you want to.
So the only difference between a verified and an unverified paypal account is that while  an unverified paypal can receive small payments let’s say $1,500 a verified paypal can receive and withhold as much as $5,000. just that. But there is a secret that most people don’t know. It is more secured to open an unverified paypal account because paypal will see you as an un-serious person and wont bother checking your i.p and other security details but if you are verified that is when they come after you. Even those in countries like U.S.A, U.K go through that same problem.
On this blog, I will show you how to open an unverified paypal account because like I said
that it is the easier way to go BUT if you are still serious about using a verified paypal
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