Here is How To Open, Fund and Protect Your Liberty Reserve Account

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How To Open, Fund and Protect Your Liberty Reserve Account! and just follow the procedure below and you will be done.Thanks

What Is Liberty Reserve?

Liberty Reserve is an electronic currency firm based in Costa Rica used in trading forex, making payments to online merchants that accept it and doing online sports betting.

Liberty Reserve transfers are irrevocable meaning that once you transfer, it cannot be reversed or recovered back again.

Liberty Reserve charges the receiver of funds 1% of the amount received if the transfer is less than $300 and $2.99 for transfers from $300 to any amount. It can be in dollars or euros.

Liberty Reserve can be funded or converted back to local currency through e-currency exchangers and one of them is  and me as the owner of this site does this also.

How To Open A Liberty Reserve Account

Liberty Reserve accepts every person from any part of the world unlike PayPal, MoneyBookers or AlertPay. So, they operate freely and can allow you have as many account as possible if you wish.

Here are the simple steps to take to get a Liberty Reserve account:

1. Click HERE to visit Liberty Reserve website.

2. When you get there, click on Create Account tab on the site.

3. Fill the form that you will see. Don’t ever enable API as user. Leave everything the way they are. Only fill the form with the appropriate required details and click on Agree button. NOTE: Don’t close the webpage after clicking on Agree button.

4. After clicking on Agree button, you will see some details like Password, Login Pin, Master Key, Secret Question and Answer auto-generated. Copy them and paste on Notepad or wherever for the next step. Don’t close the page yet.

5. Check the email account you provided for the account number Liberty Reserve will send to you. Copy it and click on Login link to activate your account. NOTE: If you don’t take this step, your Liberty Reserve account can NEVER receive funds. If an exchanger wants to send funds to you, it will show ‘Account Limited’. So, it is must that you activate your account.

6. Paste the account number, password and type the captcha code and click on Next button.

7. If the Personal Welcome Message is correct, then check the box besides ‘I confirm that my custom welcome message is correct’ and click on Continue tab.

8. Click on Login Pin and insert the Pin and click on Login.

9. Fill the form that will appear and click on Submit. Now, you have finished first part. Let me sound a note of warning here: NEVER you activate API or disable IP security. Even if you receive a mail claiming to be from Liberty Reserve or any notable exchanger, never do such.

10. Click on Settings and check the boxes for ‘Notify me by e-mail about incoming transfers’ and ‘Notify me by e-mail about outgoing transfers’. Type the Master Key and click on Apply Changes.

11. Now, click on Change Login Pin and change it to a new one.

12. Click on Settings again and click on Change Password. Effect changes and Submit.

13. Click on Settings and on Change Master Key. Change it to a new one and Submit. You can now logout. You’re ready to enjoy your Liberty Reserve account.

How To Send Money From Your Liberty Reserve Account To Another User

1. Login to your Liberty Reserve using your account number, password and pin as required.

2. When you have fully logged in, click on Transfer. Type the account number in the ‘To Account’ field, amount without dollar or euro sign and type your Master key, then click on Preview button.

3. Select the type of payment you want to make and click on Preview button.

4. Then, click on Confirm button and the funds will be transferred right away.

How To Fund Your Liberty Reserve Account

You can add or download funds from your Liberty Reserve through exchangers.
such as,, and you can as well contact me on my hotline 08039614606 to do any of these for you.

How To Protect Your Liberty Reserve Account
There are different ways of making sure that your account is protected is to always logon to liberty reserve website by typing into a new tab on your browser and never click on any link sent to your email telling you to input your login detail as liberty reserve will never ask you this.

BEWARE!    !!

One of the commonest things you hear from new Liberty Reserve users are that their account was hacked.
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