Here lies How to open a VERIFIED PAYPAL account here in Nigeria with Liberty Reserve Money.

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 N.B:Never mind the grammatical errors that you will see as you read up this post as I intentionally added then for some reasons.Cheers…………………………………………………………………………………….
Liberty Reserve and PayPal accounts are free merchant accounts online, and I’m going to show you how to unlock this.

First register an account, you need to know to fund your LR with a little money.

Visit  OR or click to buy Liberty Reserve, $ 10 is sufficient, complete the form, click, click of a confirmation e-mail, pay the bank account information, go to the Liberty Merchant Reserve and inform them of the payment, or just help me 08039614606 to fund your Liberty Reserve account.Your LR will be credited before the day ends if you paid for the day.

Now, go to to register an account. I recommend that you use your freedom to do this client-server and access through a proxy sites etc. but you can still reach me +2348039614606 or foreign software-based IP VPN. It is an idea to do with the internet cafe Naija ip.You options must have a valid address and phone number u want to use. To obtain one, write the Chinese yellow pages in the search box of Google. Check the results of another row until u get what u need, sap of postal code. It ‘just an example, if u want to use in China. To ensure u do not intend to use the payment limit. Wonder what I mean? South Africans, for example, to send money, but the South African PayPal account you can never get the dollar. Do not ask why.China is cold, even in Niger.

Now U’ve opened a PayPal account, u have to confirm it by linking your credit card or add your bank account. visit buying ur VISA choose virtual virtual cc for verification of PayPal. No address European and choose to make your mind Payment Liberty Reserve account you opened earlier. Your credit card information will be sent to the email u provided after hours. Back to, after that, click on Get verified, then a link and confirm my credit card. Enter your credit card information, right? Click Save and continue. Paypal then tells u to get a code back to http://www.virtual-cc. com and enter your credit card number in the space provided on their website. You should know u’d a message when your number ready their expulsion. An hour or two later some u should receive an email saying their expulsion u your number ready.

Now return to the virtual and enter your credit card in the same space in your room again. You should now have your 4 – digit verification. Now the last step, enter your PayPal account, click validate your credit card, enter your 4 – four-digit code and the account becomes verified.That the computer and check your PayPal account is ready.
N.B:You can reach me on  08039614606 , 08091833866 and 07086003836 for  the opening of your USA VERIFIED paypal account  plus everlasting US IP software  and  tips and tricks manual on how to run PAYPAL  successfully in Nigeria without being limited for just  N7,500 (Seven Thounsand and Five Hundred naira Only.) and mind you,quote that you see this advert on else I might charge you normal service cash of N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) 
i.e Everything you need to run to PayPal successfully in Nigeria will be handed over to you with my 24/7 customer care service which includes funding,withdrawing,solutions to problems or difficulties that arise along the line.

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