Here’s How To Open An AlertPay Account and Finally How to Make Money with it

[ 1 ] November 13, 2011 |
Alertpay is a free online merchant account that is becoming popularly and my main two reasons of bringing this account to your utmost notice are for you to be able to have this account now before their policy become so strict like paypal and I want to show you how to make $10 daily into your Alertpay account. To get this account and get started making money online with it,
visit Alertpay account through HERE and follow the following step by step guide below; 1. Signup FREE with AlertPay
2. Click on Sign Up Now tab
3. Their powerful IP detecting software will auto-select your country. Please, note that AlertPay is not like PayPal. You don’t need to change or hide your IP. They accept almost all countries except war-torn countries.
4. Click on Personal Pro [it is the best account you can use online] and click on Next Step.
5. Fill the form with your correct information and click on Next Step. When filling the form, do use your GSM number because you will need it for verification.
6. In the next step, this is where you will put your email address, password and pin. I will advise that you open a fresh email address for this purpose. Don’t use the email address online. Don’t expose it coz of receiving phising email that will make you loose money to scammers/hackers.
7. After filling all those info, click on Final Step.
8. Now, check your email for the validation link from AlertPay. When you see it, click on the link.
9. After clicking on it, then a web page with “Thank you for validating your email address!” will appear. More so, AlertPay will send you a welcome email.Now, you have an AlertPay account.

or just type into your browser now now to read how and more informations and to download this very EBOOK freely.

Read it and locate the MAGIC BUTTON in the book and you are good to start making real money online with Alertpay. 
Feel free to reach me on 08039614606 for any assistance on How To get sstarted!  !!Thanks

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