Here’s How To verify an Alertpay account

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How To Verify Your AlertPay Account.
Kindly follow these simple 10 steps and your Alertpay account will be verified within some days

1.Let’s get started!  !! Login and click on Become Verified.

2. A page will appear showing three options for verification. It’s either Credit Card Validation or Phone Validation (GSM or Mobile phones only) or bank account . Do click on Become Verified button under the options.

3. For the purpose of this write-up which is meant for mobile users, I would select Phone Validation in the next page that will appear and click on Next button.

4. You will see Please select a mobile phone number for verification and a box besides it. If you have used your mobile (GSM) number as your home phone number, it will appear in the box. Select the number and click Next, then click on Send Validation Code.

5. An sms message with 3 digit code will be sent to your phone. Get the code and type them into the box provide and click on Submit. Once confirmed you are half-successful in verifying your AlertPay account. You need to add a credit or debit card.

6. Place order for special $5 for US Bank AlertPay Virtual Credit Card by sending the sum of N4,000  to

Account name Adesida Oluwasegun 
Acct no 0035948383
And call/text  me on 08039614606 or  08091833866  or  mail to notify us of your payment.
Read these informations below  about  VCC
i.What is a VCC or a Virtual Credit Card?

A Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid that works like a real credit card. It can be used at websites, online merchants, internet shops and web stores over the internet where payment by credit card is accepted.

ii.What type of VCC do you offer?
At this moment, we are offering VCC for PayPal and Alertpay verification only, those VCC are single-use, non-reloadable and expire after 4 months, or 24 hours if unused.

iii.Do you send the VCC to a physical location? If no, how do I receive my mine?
No, it is a virtual card, it cannot be sent physically. It is sent virtually to your email address.

iv.What information will I receive in email about the VCC I ordered?
You will receive the following in your email to constitute a virtual credit card:

• The credit card type (VISA, Master)
• The 16 digit virtual credit card number
• The 3 digits of CVC / CVC2 number, also called the verification code.
• The issue date
• The expiry date

v.How long does it take to process virtual credit card orders?
A VCC is sent to the client’s email address between 0 to 8 working hours excluding (weekends/holidays) after payment is received and verified. Point to note, 99% orders are completed much faster than above timeframe. Utmost effort is made to complete the order as per above timeframe, however it should be noted we do not guarantee or held responsible for damage or losses if any delay occurred in a situation beyond our control such as banking slowlessness, force majeure or any other situations.

vi.Is a VCC for account verification reloadable?
No, this card is a non-reloadable card.

vii.Which bank issues the VCC you sell?
It is an offshore bank.

viii.Who can get a VCC and do you require any ID?
Anyone from around the world and we do not require any ID, all we need is a valid email address to send you your VCC.

ix.I bought a VCC but couldn’t add it to my PayPal account!
This happens when you try to add a VCC to a limited PayPal account.

x.I bought a VCC and added it successfully but my account is still unverified!
In some countries like USA,UK, Canada and Australia, in order to verify your account, PayPal or eBay require that you add a credit card or/and a bank account.

xi.Does your Card work for Canada, UK and Australia also ?
Sorry for UK, Canada, Asutralia our VCC Card will not work.

xii.Does your Card work for USA Paypal account ?
For USA Paypal account you need a Virtual US Bank which will cost USD 23, after you add a Virtual US Bank account you will have a Sending Limit of $500. If you want to have higher sending limit then you should also buy a AVSVCC which will cost you USD 25.

xiii.What is AVSVCC ?
For USA Paypal account ordinary VCC will not work because Paypal match address in paypal account with address in the VCC, you have to buy a AVSVCC for USA Paypal account which will cost you USD 25.

xiiiiDoes your Card work for USA Alertpay account ?
For USA Alertpay account you need a Virtual US Bank which will cost USD 23, after you add a Virtual US Bank account Alertpay will send two deposit which we will send to you to verify account.

ix.What is the refund or order cancellation policy?
Because of sensitive nature of virtual card product, once an order is accepted for processing or a card has been issued, in both situations there is no guatanty refund or order cancellation.

When you make payment, we will provide you the VISA card details (as soon as we verify your payment) through email as follows:
VISA Card No:
Expiry Date:
Amount of Fund:

NOTE: Our Virtual Credit Card can last from 1 month to 2 years but we suggest that you use within 3 months after purchase if it’s issued by our US Bank or 1 month if it was issued by our Russian bank or within 24hours if issued by Indian bank.
7. Login to your AlertPay account and click on Add A Credit Card at the top right-hand side. Add the details of the card you bought.

8. AlertPay will charge the cards but the amount will appear in 2 or 3days. The VCC merchant will send the charged amount to you for final verification.

9. After successfully inserting the amount charged by AlertPay in the box provided, you will see this message “Congratulations, your AlertPay account has been successfully verified.”

10. Now, you have a functional and verified AlertPay account ready for funding and online transactions.

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