How Do I Create Wealth & Make Money From Biodiesel Fuel Production With Jatropha Curcas?

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Information they say is what separates the rich from the poor and here is a piece of such that I’m about unleashing to you without collecting a dime from you.
It was amazing and still amazing me when I discovered some years back that a plant known as Jatropha Curcas called by YORUBAS by name “LAPALAPA” which is one of the typical specie of Jatropha as you can you see it picture below 
can be used  to produce soap,cream,fertiliser most especially biodiesel fuel and so on not until I saw it soap,cream and amazingly diesel produced from it last year after  undergoing esterification using some locally made machines such as fabricator but don’t be scared on my illustration about it production as that one is not our concerned to be treated here as our main focus is how to tap into the avenue to wealth that jatropha is bringing for us to enjoy though some people are already making cool money from it as you can see from and I’ve been keeping the secrets to themselves but there are now some generous human being among these sets of people that are now unleashing its secrets via seminar,consultation and many more but you must be very careful of those that only know and have the theoretical write-ups but don’t have visible machines as most of them are just there to suck your  cash and leave stone unturned for you but I know some practising personnels in Ibadan and Osogbo that has the locally made machines for extracting bio-diesel from jatropha curcas seeds as you can see a fresh one still tied to its mother plant below…
Jatropha seed as seen on its plant in the image shown above
Now that I’ve given you some hints about this plant and the hot trend currently going on it,what do you now think on how to prepare yourself making money from this plant even if you cannot go deep into extracting diesel from it as it requires some little technical know-how and some kind of investments but that is not a big deal though as you can still pursue that as time goes on but my hints for you today on how to start creating everlasting wealth for yourself and your family are:
1.To go into exploration of knowing theoretical ways of how this is working out either by  searching the internet or attending available seminar on the production of biodiesel from jatropha curcas and its other uses so that before you know it,you are already furnished with millions idea and knowledge.
2.Start learning and planning on how you too can start planting jatropha either on small scale or large scale by getting your farming land ready if you have any or you can as well lease arable land that is good for planting because it will soon be in high demand so that when it is in a very high demand,you will make surely become wealthy as you can see the case of kolanut in those days and recently bitterkola being exported overseas with high pay and even being demanded by indigenous companies for production of dyes and so many other things plus other ideas that you can come up with.                                                                        
 Jatropha plant station
With these hints given to you and before I finally unleashed how you too can learn practical ways of how to plant jatropha curcas,how to extract oil from jatropha and finally turn it it viable diesel that can be used to power any machine that is using diesel be it truck,generator etc,I will like to say just more one or two things about this magic plant which goes thus:

“If financial freedom with ease is what you desire then the investment plan is the Green Gold (Jatropha Curcas) a source of renewable energy which is currently used for bio diesel which fuel standard diesel engines of cars, plants and even air planes. 
Jatropha farm has a life span of up to 40 years, 1 hecter of jatropha farm produces fruit of 1.5 ton in the first year, 3.5 ton in the second year and 5 ton in the fifth year. 1 kg of jatropha is sold in nigeria for 80 naira, 80 x 1.5 ton gives you 120,000 naira in the first year, 280,000 and 400,000 naira in the 2nd and 5th year respectively. If the above calculation is based on 10 hecteres, it will yield 1,200,000, 2,800,000 in the 1st, 2nd year respectively and 4,000,000 till 40 years. Jatropha is a rugged plant, it can survive up to 3 years of no rainfall and needs little or no pesticide application as it serves as pesticides.

For more information on how you too can start planting jatropha plant or how you too will be able to turn jatropha curcas’ seed  oil extract into bio-diesel fuel, CONTACT ME  or reach me on 08091833866 or on 08039614606 for discussion and arrangement on how you can be trained either via online with carefully-compiled ebook materials which you can learn from or on one on one basis where you will be shown live locally made machines used for this extraction or if you want to know more about imported machine used for this purpose.
To Your Success
Still Prince Adesida Olusegun
CEO PRESEGS Infotech GlobalBiz MultiConcepts

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