How do I open and operate my own Clickbank account from Nigeria & as a Nigerian?

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Updated 6th of May 2013

I bid you the very big welcome as you are to discover how to open your own Clickbank account from Nigeria & as a Nigerian but before then,let’s look into what clickbank really means as you can see it below:

“Clickbank is a great marketplace where digital products and services that pertains to any walks of life such as Computer,health,sport etc are being sold and bought.If you may ask me what digital products are,they are softwares,ebooks and some sort of products and services that you will have instant access to immediately after making payment.Aside buying things on this site,there are lots of money making opportunity on the site by promoting products and services that are of interest to you or that pertains to your hobby and keep making cool cash into your account.
Note that you can buy anything on Clickbank even without being a member on the site the more you have what to use in paying them as they currently do accept credit or debit cards though not all cards but they accept all paypal accounts if you have money in it.
There are three types of people on this site and they are the sellers/services/products owners otherwise called the vendors,the promoters of vendors products and services that are called affiliates and the third set of people are the buyers.The sellers and promoters make money on this site as they must register while the buyers make the payments.All the same,CLICKBANK as a company acts as intermediary between the Vendor and the buyer such that when a buyer make payment,they will keep the cash with them and give the vendor his/her cash after 2 weeks or so if the buyer didn’t demand for refund which is an implication that the buyer is satisfied and if you don’t know,you can request for your money back if you buy anything on this site and you are not satified within some specified days.”

Got some facts now about clickbank?If yes is your answer,then let’s proceed.
Clickbank supports Nigeria which means that you can operate the site on Nigeria IP address but they don’t directly send cheque to Nigeria as you can get your cheque down to Nigeria if you send it to address
in USA but the new preferable way is to send it to UK using some trusted mail forwarding providers but you will learn more about this as you read this post to the end.Ok?
You can buy anything from the site from Nigeria especially if you are paying them with paypal as it is also so easy to request for refund using paypal as you will be refunded withing 24hrs unlike if you use credit or debit card.Noted?

Now that you seen some infos about this marketplace,I will now go straight to how to legally open and operate a CLICKBANK account in Nigeria and as a Nigerian but don’t be deceived again that you can use USA address from either Graphcard or other site to open clickbank as if you do,you receiving your cheque is story as they will ask for your USA tax ID before they issue you cheque and you cannot provide except if you are living in USA.

You need the following:

1.A verified PayPal Account OR someone/company that has verified paypal account that pay for you with paypal but you can have your own by visiting

2.A valid UK mail forwarding address from for just 5 pounds which is equivalent to $8.12 of PayPal cash as I’m writing this update now.
3.Any UK IP that you are going to use to register for the first time only.
4.A domiciliary account[it is not compulsory you open this account now as you can do that later when your cheque gets to Nigeria] with some banks in Nigeria such as First bank,Guarantee Trust bank and other ones which is the account that you are going to clear your cheque from CLICKBANK into when you receive it Nigeria.Getting a Dom account can be processed while you open and operating your account as they won’t request for it while you are registering on the site but you need it when your cheque comes just as I do clear my cheque sent to me monthly from Google Adsense into my dollar account with GTB.

It is now time for you to legally open your clickbank account following the steps below:
1.Connect to the internet and configure your browser to UK IP.
You can get your UK Dedicated IP  HERE for just $6 monthly or you can just contact me
2.Confirm your IP and location by typing into your browser to confirm that you are on a UK IPand once you confirm it,type  into your browser,click on SIGNUP and fill the required information with your real name as it is on your ID card or bank account making use of the UK address that you got but set your cheque payment threshold to like $1,000 or more so that they won’t send your cheque to the address you supplied if at all you haven’t fully sorted out your UK mailing address.

After you must have filled and submitted the clickbank form,check your email for their mail and follow the instruction given to you but make sure that you save your Clickbank ID and password.
After you must have successfully done all those things required by you,I say a very big congratulation as you’ve dully opened legal clickbank account for yourself and you can now keep promoting products of your interest or hobby on clickbank and keep making money via commission being paid instantly into your account from any IP address be it that of Nigeria or other countries of any part of this world.

Note this:To make really money on this site,you must promote and the best way of promoting products and services on this site is by cloaking your along affiliate url with a domain and using them as your resource link on article directory websites such ezinearticles,goarticle and many others.This method is called Article Marketing and it can fetch you cool cash if done properly or treated like a business even while you are sleeping or catching fun.Can’t get what I mean?If yes,checkout the end of one of my article here on ezinearticle here at
You can reach me on 08091833866 or 08039614606 if :
1.You want me to help you to pay 5 pounds($8.12) setup fee with my own verified PayPal account
2.You need my assistance in helping you to setup your own clickbank business
3.You want me to teach you how to create everlasting wealth legally with my secrets and step by step guide of doing Affiliate Marketing the right and profitable way.

P.S:If you think that you can’t go through stress of getting  this done by yourself,you can just pay the sum of  N5,000 into
i.GTBank[Guaranty Trust Bank]
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 0035948383   OR
ii. First Bank Plc 
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 3065162650   OR
iii. UBA Bank Plc
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 2062136343
After making payment into any of the banks above,send “COMPLETE CLICKBANK + EBOOK” with your:

1.Full Name
2.Working email be it hotmail,yahoomail or gmail  and
3.Your Mobile No. to LEGALWEALTHCREATION@GMAIL.COM or to 0809183386.
After confirming your Payment,I will personally contact you on your hotline or email provided for what I need to proceed with the opening of your CLICKBANK ACCOUNT which comes with your UK address plus
AN EBOOK WITH STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO MAKE COOL MONEY ON CLICKBANK carefully written by a Professor when it comes to Affiliate Marketing especially with CLICKBANK.

To Your Success!
Prince Adesida Olusegun CEO of  PRESEGS Infotech MultiConcepts

Adesida Olusegun

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  1. akerele says:

    Why is it that am only allowed to view my clickbank account through mobile.? After I have opened my clickbank account, I was not allow to use the account why? How can I overcome all this obstacle

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