How To Easily Make Money Online Doing Survey & Get A USA ATM Mastercard For Withdrawing From PayPal For FREE In Nigeria

[ 5 ] March 15, 2013 |
It’s another wonderful day and I gladly welcome you.
Are you ready to learn?If yes,pay full attention to all what I will be telling you to do now to your best interest:
I’m here again today to inform you about another se*cret of  withdrawing cash from your Pay*Pal account here in Nigeria but it takes some one or two steps and without making this email so clumpsy,I’ve in conjuction with a friend of mine bring to your table How to Safely Withdraw Your Pay*pal Cash in Nigeria with ATM  here at in which you can as well click on the link below if you want me to help you to open and verify your own USA Pay*Pal Acc*ount while I hand over everything to you.

Discover How To Easily Open,Operate Your Functional & Accessible USA Verified PAY*PAL Acc*ount In Nigeria
by clicking here=> because it is when you have you have your own acc*ount that you can think of applying what you read about above.

THAT UNDERSTOOD BY YOU? but there is another important thing to take a very good note of
as getting the mastercard is not the main issue despite that you can get it for FR*EE* from Payoneer here
at  but you need to load the card first from any of their merchants
before you can start using it to receive money from any other place in which that seems difficult for just anyone because not everyone can do what those sites want and make money as fast as possible as they specify but there is legitimate site that I know since year 2006 where I’ve been making money from you can make money fast of which once you make the money to at least $10,you will be issued with your own payoneer mastercard preloaded with the money that you’ve made and sent to you here in Nigeria to the address you submit to them which you can use on any ATM in Nigeria that has Mastercard logo.

Aside getting your card loaded,another reason of getting your card through them is because it is 100% guaranteed that payoneer will approve your card through them compared to when you order it directly from them from the URL that I specified above.

Do you care knowing this wonderful site and how to make money from it  ?
Of course!I know that you will nod your head to say yes and the site is
Did you just got an error message when you type the url into your browser and you think the site isn’t real or doesn’t support Nigeria and for your information, THEY ACCEPT NIGERIA AND THEIR CARD SUPPORT NIGERIA AND SO IS THEIR CARDS ARE SHIPPED TO ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA”  but the fact remains that you cannot make use of the site or make money on the site using Nigeria IP  but you need a DEDICATED VPN/IP of any supported country other than Nigeria preferably that of USA and it is with this USA Dedicated VPN/IP that you must use to register on this site as a Nigeria and as well be using to access the site for partaking in their surveys which will start fetching you cool money.

HOW DO I GET THIS USA DEDICATED VPN/IP CHEAPLY because I’m scared of them being expensive?
I know that this question must have been ringing in your mind since I mentioned the issue of the USA Dedicated VPN.
To be sincere with you ,it’s only with that that you can be successful on the site and it goes for as high as
$10 monthly on sites like and so many other ones  but as an expert in the field of VPN provision,I’ve gone a long way offering to people for as low as N3,500 yearly e.g you’ll get a USA Dedicated VPN which you will use for 2013 and as well renew it.

N.B:I offer  USA De*dicated V*PN  of TEXAS for those that want to use it  for  Pay*Pal Account each carved out from a Texas Dedicated SERVER that I bought  and …
I just bought another Dedicated server  from  Georgia meant for general browsing but not for Pay*Pal which goes forN6,000 yearly  but

IT IS JUST  N1,500 [One thousand Naira] Only for YOU Today Only if you place for yours today.
[You’ll save yourself  N4,500 today and what a wonderful money saving deal I will consider if I were YOU that willas well guarantee you making money from]

Now that you’ve realized all these,what are you still waiting for that you haven’t shut down your PC or phone now and rush to the bank now to pay the token price of  N1,500 only with which it will increase to  N2,500 starting as  from Monday next week.

To order for yours today being Friday and because it will increase to N2,500 next week monday,rush now to the bank and pay the token of  N1,500 [One Thousand & Five Hundred Naira Only]  into

 i.GTBank[Guaranty Trust Bank]
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun 
Account No: 0035948383


                                    ii                      First Bank Plc
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 3065162650.

After making payment,send “SURVEYCASH OPPORTUNITY” with your:

1.Full Name
2.Working Email  be it  hotmail,yahoomail or gmail  and
3.Your Main Mobile Number all to 08091833866

After confirming your Payment,I will send your USA Dedicated VPN  plus easy guide on how to install it to your laptop or desktop computer or that of your friend or any internet cafe anytime that you need which you can always install anywhere when you need to use it to do survey on the site while you uninstall it once you are through for the day with how to sign up on the site though signing up on the site is totally f*ree but I will render my utmost supports anytime to your  email provided/sent to me.

To Your Success
Mr. Adesida Olusegun
CEO of  PRESEGS Infotech GlobalBiz MultiConcepts
See YOU next time and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to updates by submitting and confirming your best email address into the form below so that you’ll be receiving updates as we post them directly into YOUR email.

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  1. Thanks, I think this survey works, but the PayPal will always be the issue because of it every time restrictions.

  2. Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

    You are highly welcome and do feel free telling your loved ones to always check us out.
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