How To Easily Start Your Own Online Business:Start making money online and creating wealth legally.

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Now that you are here unto legalwealth, I presume you are planning to start an Internet business, or you already own one.
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There are certain basic components that you need when starting your online business. Of course not all business models will require each of them. But I’ll explain the few basic components that MOST will need.
1) Domain Name
Depending on what you want out of your domain name, this will determine how you choose it.
If you are looking for a short, catchy and easily remembered domain name,then go for something short and unique.
But if you want your domain name to have good rapport with the search engines, then go for keyword rich domain names. (This is the general understanding. Whether it really HELPS in the Search Engines or not cannot be guaranteed)
2) Web hosting
You need to find a good web hosting company. There are many in the market out there. Check out which one will suit your business needs.
Generally, you’ll need secure server capabilities. As is the common practice now, they should be offering you cgi capabilities and ftp accesses.
One thing to take note, do not be tempted by FREE hosting. Nothing is FREE in this world. The risk of your site having downtime and lousy support far outweighs whatever you can save by not having a proper hosting company.
But if you are just testing out some mini-sites, then it’s okay to go for free hosting. But be forewarned, you get what you pay for.

3) Order processing
If you are selling something that needs to accept payment, you need bank account and Online merchant accounts such as liberty reserve,payza,paypal among other ones.
You will need to be able to accept credit card payment online. If you don’t, you are missing out on 90% of your potential sales.
It’s quite simple to set-up a third party merchant account with one of those companies that provide this facility, i.e. accepting online payments.
Got it? Good, let’s ROCK ‘n ROLL!

This is one of the most common business models you will see on the Internet.
Why? Because it’s one of the simplest website to create. A typical direct sales website will have one sales letter (typically a rather long one) ‘persuading’ you to buy the product it is offering. And if the visitor likes the product, they proceed to the order page to purchase.
If they do not wish to buy at that point in time, they leave. But are they let off that easily? Not really. The experienced marketer will find a way to get hold of the visitor’s email address so that they can keep in touch with the visitor again.
The reason is simple. Majority of your visitors will not buy on their first visit or first contact. Studies have shown that it takes on average of 7 contacts before a sales is concluded (for your information, this applies to both online and offline marketing).
In order to have the optimum results for converting visitors into customers, you need to contact them on average, 7 times.
By capturing their email address, you can email them with some useful information and at the same time pr omoting your product again, thus increasing your chances of conversion.
Nuts ‘n Bolts
Your OWN product.
This does not necessarily means a product you create on your own. It can be something you created, you bought a resale rights to or even something that others created for you. But the bottom line is you have to have CONTROL over the product.
Product visual.
Whether you like it or not, visuals do appeal to the eyes, one of the human sensors. Visuals alone will not define your success, but it will assist you in converting MORE sales.

Sales letter
This will make or break your business. Whether your visitor decides to buy or not will depends on how persuasive your letter is. There are lots of resources on how to write persuasive and compelling sales letter. If you are a Warrior member, you can download lots of excellent Payment processor.
You NEED to accept online orders. I’m sure you have heard that.
Pop-Up Window
If you want to capture your visitors email address, this feature (whether you like it or not) will increase your sign-up rate by more than 200% as compared to just using a sign-up form at your site.
Auto-Responder Messages
Prepare a series of messages to be sent out at certain intervals (example everyday or every two days) to those who opt to sign-up to your mailing list.
Remember, do not just send out blatant sales messages. Before you even reach the 7 series, they would have already unsubscribe.

Instead, offer something useful and informative relating to your product, and subtlely recommends that they need your product.
The Goodies…
This model can be extremely profitable, especially if your product is an intangible one like downloadable e-Books, software, audios and so on. 
Your product and delivery cost is practically zero.
After having built a successful website on your product, you can automate a lot of the tasks involved. This will free up your time to launch another website.
After selling your product, there are opportunities to profit from recommending related back-end products to your customers.
resources for FREE.

The Baddies
You need to have a product. To some people, this can be quite a challenge.
The next thing you need is writing your sales copy. Depending on your command of the English language, this can be easy or challenging. I suggest getting some resources to learn how to write compelling sales copy.
The next tough part is driving traffic to your website. 
Please do not have the impression that visitors will ‘automatically’ visit your website just because you are selling something which you ‘think’ they need. Tough luck!
Tips, tips and tips
Internet marketing plays an important role in this type of website. There are lots of Internet marketing books and courses that you can learn from. Of course,there has not been a manual that is the Bible of Internet marketing. Simply because marketing is dynamic and unique to each business, you need to tailor
what you learn specifically to your website.

Hey!  !!Listen and listen to me attentively,you might be wondering of how you are going to achieve all what I’ve mentioned above.Yes,you can achieve it provided you’ve been into the business before.
If not,I will strongly advise you and I’m as well ready to help you that you should start by doing online business that requires you not to sell anything whatsoever,have experience or might not even have a site of yours.With this noted and as a professional in this online business,I will advise you to start with
1.Blogging and monetising it with GOOGLE ADSENSE
2.Promoting other people products for commission using CLICKBANK,CJ and other ones.

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To your success
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