How to Make Money Using Paypal & Alertpay

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Make Money Using Paypal & Alertpay. It’s quite easy to make money using paypal. There are a number of different ways you can go about makin…

Make Money Using Paypal
By Lee Mckenna

It’s quite easy to make money using paypal & Alertpay There are a number of different ways you can go about making money using paypal. The quickest and easiest way would be to sell stuff on E-bay. E-bay actually own paypal and started paypal so e-bay customers would have a safe and easy way to pay for products when using there auction site.
To make money using paypal all you need is an e-mail address. You could get a free hotmail account or yahoo account. Once you have your e-mail address you then need to go to and sign up for a free account. If you intend to set up a business it would be better for you to add your business name in the e-mail account you set up with hotmail or yahoo.
If your business was called “The Business” Make sure you setup your e-mail address as Also set up a business account in paypal and be sure to use your business name. Now you’re all set to make money using paypal. The next thing you need to do is think of ways to get money into your new paypal account.
Like I said earlier you can now go and set up an e-bay account. Try and make your e-bay username the same as your business name because people will see this when they make a purchase from you. Once you have your e-bay and paypal account setup you can then get you first sale buy selling any unwanted goods from around your home.
This is an excellent way to start and I know people that use e-bay to make a very good living. You can earn £10,000 per month if you have the right product and buy at the right price. But before we get carried away with e-bay there are other ways to make money using paypal.
You can start your own information publishing business. Instead of using e-bay to make sales you can use your own mini websites to sell information products that you can get for free and sell for massive profits.
You can make money using paypal & Alertpay very easy this way because you have an added benefit. On your website you can collect e-mail address and build a list of subscribers that will be your lifelong customers and the customers will come back and buy from you time and time again. On e-bay it’s a bit harder to collect e-mail addresses and grow a list of customers.
It’s quit easy to set up your own information publishing business. Simply put you need a niche market to sell to. And the people within the niche market need to be hunger for the information you’re going to be providing them. Just as an example a good little niche market is “dog training” The people that search for this information have a problem that need’s to be sorted out fast. It could be that there puppy won’t stop barking or need’s potty training.
I hope you can start to see how to make money  & Alertpay using paypal now. Once you have your niche market you now need a product to sell to people that are searching for “dog training” you can get free products to sell from the public domain or get resell rights from other people within your niche.
Most people get stuck at this stage because you now need a small website to sell your product. Most people get stuck at this stage because they have no clue how to build a website. But it’s not that hard and you don’t need to know any fancy HTML. You can get free videos that show you step buy step how to put a small website together.
The next step would be to market your website and start collecting e-mail addresses and payments for your product. Simply put this is how you make money using paypal. I cannot go through everything here so I have put together a website you can take a look at below.
About the author: Lee McKenna is an expert on making money using paypal and is going to help a small number of people make over £1000 per day online within the next 6 months. For full details go to the following website:

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