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Welcome &  let’s begin by asking ourselves this question: what is true wealth?
It is living a life that reflects your beliefs and values.
It is using your gifts to provide yourself and those close to you with a measure of security.
It is emphasizing giving over acquiring.
In the following pages you will find important keys to obtaining true wealth. But first, let’s look at some of the obstacles many people may encounter in their attempt to obtain true wealth.
* Hopelessness. Some people lose hope. They see no light at the end of the tunnel. Without a future or any help in sight, they become hopeless.
* Feeling trapped. When a person sees no outlet for change, they may begin to feel trapped. They may feel stuck in a job, relationship, financial situation or life that they do not really want.
* Debt. Too much debt can be overwhelming to many people. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness and being trapped.
* Insecurity. The loss of a job can create insecurity. The possibility that someone may lose their job can do the same.
* Stress. Juggling family, work and social responsibilities can be stressful.
A lack of time means someone or something will suffer.
* Anxiety. Perpetual worry can produce anxiety. Making good decisions becomes difficult, if not impossible when someone is terribly anxious.
* Depression. The prolonged and combined feelings of any of the above can sometimes lead to depression.
* Physical ailments. When someone becomes overwhelmed, they may begin to manifest any of a number of health problems.
* Lack of faith. When a person no longer believes in themselves or their life’s purpose, they lose their faith and confidence. This makes it more difficult for them to move forward in a positive way.
* Retreat from values. Some people begin to “do what they have to do” regardless of their values. A sense of self is then lost and often times an empty feeling results.
These 18 keys can help one overcome any obstacles and obtain true wealth.
You must believe in yourself. Many of us harbor false beliefs. Sometimes we do not realize this. These false beliefs may have been with us our entire life.
We need to rid ourselves of this excess baggage. Many times, these false beliefs only serve to reinforce negative thoughts. This in turn prevents us from doing all the good we might otherwise do. The next time you “talk to yourself“, stop and listen to what you said. Is it really true?
You must value everyone and everything that you have. Unfortunately, some of us do not appreciate what we have until it is taken away from us. It is then that we realize our loss and what we had. But then it is too late. Each day we should focus on what we have and give thanks. Remember that by focusing only on what we want and never valuing what we have, we become unhappy.
Secure your future by taking initiative. It is unlikely that there is any employer waiting for you to come along so that they can make you rich. That is entirely up to you. We must create our own security-financially and otherwise. Some people gain a false sense of security by continuing to do the same things that they have always done. In this way, it is unnecessary for them to make any changes. Remaining in their comfort zone allows them to retain a feeling of certainty; however, it also deprives them of what they may have had.
To simplify in a complex world is difficult for all of us; nevertheless, it is hard to enjoy any activity when our focus is always on where we need to be next.
A focus on the present—not the future—is always a good starting point in simplifying. One misconception about simplifying is that it means we are doing without. In fact, less is more. By simplifying, we increase the quality of time that is spent with others or doing things we enjoy.
By our example, any good works we perform can multiply. To be of service to others is not something everyone wants to do. Yet it is something we should all do. We like it when others are of service to us, don’t we? Our good deeds take on added meaning when others not only observe but duplicate them. Regardless of our own situation, it is not difficult for any of us to find someone suffering greater hardships than ourselves. Find that person and let your good works multiply. This will be a source of strength to you.
You must appreciate your God given gifts. Recognize them and put them to good use for others and yourself. Sometimes we underestimate those gifts or take them for granted. Listen to what others may be telling you about your own gifts. This is a reminder to us of our special capabilities.
Save time, money and your own energy. All of these are in limited supply. Saving should not interfere with generosity. When it does, it loses its value. The purpose of saving is to always have at our disposal the resources we require to assist ourselves and others. Saving can help us—especially in times of need.

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