How To Receive Payment From Relatives/Customers In Abroad Securely

[ 30 ] August 10, 2012 |

Good day and you are greatly welcomed once again.

I’m here to share with you how you can receive payment from Relatives/Customers in Abroad securely & With ease while in Nigeria.

You will agree with me that the well-known method is through the use of Western Union, Moneygram,wire transfer which are mostly through third parties and you will agree with me that most of these methods are not secure as you must have been hearing stories of people outsmart by fraudulent people as they must have gotten the details sent to them to present in bank as evidence and cash the money before the rightly owner of the cash gets there and may sometimes be expensive due to charges here and there while cash is coming over but make sure that you read this post to the end to see my findings on how to secure your cash and reduce costs/charges.

But the good news from my finding is to use DOMICILIARY account[an account that you operate in foreign currencies such as dollars,pounds,euros,Yen etc] which you can open with some banks as all you need to do is to make enquiries about this from the customer care section of your financial institution/bank by telling asking them to give you some more information about their domiciliary account service.

If you are in Nigeria,type “domiciliary account in Nigeria” into google and you will see several outcomes but for the reason of this post and the bank that I operate my account with,I will give an illustrative below based on these two and it goes thus:

Below is a detail that I sent to a friend of mine in USA who currently is to help me to withdraw a huge cash of my PayPal cash using his own USA bank account while he sent it to my own GTB Domiciliary account which I then cash out here in Nigeria:

“For transfer of USD into Domiciliary account through CITIBANK London using Guaranty Trust Bank[GTB];

Correspondent bank=> CITIBANK,LONDON

Swift code=> CITIGB2L

Sort code => 185008

For credit of =>Guaranty Trust Bank Plc,Lagos.Nigeria

Swift code =>GTBINGLA

IBAN number=> GB67 CITI 1850 0805 5116 15

For final credit of (your name associated with your GTB account) e.g ADESIDA OLUSEGUN A.

Beneficiary A/C No => (your account number with your GTB account) e.g 0035948390

Any other detail =>(sender’s details such as name,email,address and lots more but it is optional but sender’s name is neccessary)”

You too can do this by opening a domiciliary account with your bank or financial institution saving you costs and making you and your cash more secure.

To your success

Presegs Adesida

Feel free to drop your question here as comment or reach me on 08091833866.

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  1. MekeKAm says:

    tnx for ds, pls where did u get d sort code and d IBAN number from?

  2. You are welcomed!I got it from GTBank Customer Care Desk

  3. Akanbi sunday says:

    My uncle wants to send me money from the USA but he told the last time he sent some money to me online on the computer via western union cost much charges…so he asked if he could send money online directly into my savings account like the last time can be sent too but using MONEYGRAM

  4. segun says:

    can someone abroad send money to my GTB savings account directly and which i can withdraw with my ATM.

  5. Nnamdi says:

    Pls is the IBAN still relevant till date.

  6. adebayo peter says:

    am expecting money into my domiciliary at gtb frm Jordan so I need the iban number. pls help

  7. Bridgeton says:

    Pls does diamond bank also have a domiciliary account.

  8. Saheed says:

    Thanks Presegs for this valuable info. I will like to know how long it takes on the average to receive funds into your USD Domiciliary account from a foreign country (like the US or UK). Thanks

  9. Carl says:

    So, how exactly can I use my domiciliary account in Nigeria to send money to a friend in Nigeria? Instead of using Western Union, how do I use my domiciliary account to send the money to someone in Nigeria? What steps are involved? The intended recipient does not have a domiciliary account, but he has a local savings account in Nigeria.


  10. Ademuyiwa Ahmed says:

    Thank you Mr Adesida for this valuable info. Pls can i receive money from Qatar with my GTB,ACCESS acct and cash it directly?

  11. nuzzo says:

    Even though there is some restrictions in Nigeria for PayPal. Do you think it is a good idea to get a USA PayPal from Auction Essistance to bypass some of this?

  12. Cino Onochie says:

    I need a domiciliary account bw myself and my wife in America. What do I require to open it for family upkeep.

  13. Valentine udeh says:

    What details do I need to send to my brother in USA in other to send money into my Skye bank domiciliary account?

    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      You will need to give him your bank account number, IBAN number, bank address and some other few details. Just ask him for the details he needs to be able to initiate the transfer to your domiciliary account. Once you get that, go to your bank to give you the details which you can then send to him.
      Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] recently posted…Forex Trading;Is It Good Or Not?My Profile

  14. Christopher says:

    Gtbank dom account is free to open. If you already have a savings or current account with GTB then it’s easier for you.

  15. John says:

    This could be the best before now. Managing domiciliary account in Nigeria now is just too expensive.

    There is other sure way to receive money in Nigeria without stress or fear or charges.

  16. Joshua says:

    then send money to my Gtbank from USA but I did not see alert what did I do now, should I go bank and complain? please I need your reply

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