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N.B; Thanks for being here and this post is officially brought from clickbank  and it main purpose is to teach you how to set up a CLICKBANK vendor account & if at all you already have one and you do not have any website setup or product to be selling,
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Selling your digital product through ClickBank is one of the best ways to quickly get exposure and sales for your product. Within a few business days, you can be up and running and have your product promoted by our huge network of affiliates! Here are the easy steps for getting set up as a ClickBank vendor:

  1. Sign Up with ClickBank
  2. Create a Pitch Page and Thank You Page
  3. Make a Payment Link
  4. Complete My Site Information Within Your Account
  5. Complete My Products Information Within Your Account
  6. Test Payment Link
  7. Request Product Approval
  8. Pay One-Time $49.95 Activation Charge
  9. You’re Done!

1. Sign Up for a ClickBank Account
Before joining ClickBank, please make sure to read our Client Contract, Vendor and Product Requirements, Accounting Policy, and Return Policy. Click here to sign up for a free ClickBank account now.
2. Create a Pitch Page and Thank You Page
To sell a product through ClickBank, you will need your own website, including web hosting and a registered domain name. You cannot sell a product through ClickBank using a web page hosted on free sites, and ClickBank does not provide hosting for web pages or assistance with design or coding of websites. You must create two pages on your website that are used to sell your ClickBank product: pages that we at ClickBank call a Pitch Page and a Thank You Page.

A: The Pitch Page

The Pitch Page is used to describe your product to potential customers and convince them to buy. It is sometimes referred to as a “sales page.” When customers are ready to buy they click on a ClickBank payment link on your Pitch Page that links them to the ClickBank order form, where customers can place their order. In addition to the ClickBank payment link (see Step 3 for specific instructions), your Pitch Page must include the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the product.
  2. The cost of the product.
  3. For recurring billing products, be sure to clearly state all the details of the rebill schedule, including the number of times a customer is billed, and how frequently they will be billed. For example, you should say, “Your initial charge will be $19.95. You will then be charged $9.95 per month for the next 11 months.”
  4. The file format of your product, as well as any particular software or operating system required to use it (e.g., Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).
  5. If your product is only useful to customers in a particular geographic region or country, be sure to say so.
  6. How the product will be delivered (e.g., direct download, via email, etc.).
  7. How long delivery will take (e.g., immediate, 5 minutes, etc.).
  8. For recurring billing products, explain how the product will be delivered, and how often. For example, if you sold a monthly newsletter, you could say that it will be delivered by email on the 1st of each month.
  9. Customers must be able to reach you if they have a question about your product prior to purchase. Please include an email address, a link to your email address, or a contact us link on your Pitch Page.

All statements made on the Pitch Page are subject to ClickBank’s Client Contract and Product Requirements, as well as all applicable federal and state laws, including, but not limited to, U.S. Federal Trade Commission regulations, policies, and guidelines governing advertising, disclosure, and consumer protection. These rules can be found at Also, please be sure to read our recent article on important guidelines for ClickBank vendors before submitting your product for approval.
Shortcut: If you don’t know much about web design and want a quick and easy way to get your Pitch Page and Thank You Page built and hosted, check out a product called PitchMagic, which is sold by a ClickBank vendor. The software uses drag-and-drop functionality that follows many of the “best practices” of successful Pitch Pages but doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML.

B. The Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is the page customers will see after they purchase your product. Customers will only see this page if their purchase has been approved and the payment processed. In addition to thanking the customer for their purchase, your Thank You Page must include the following information:

  1. Customers must be able to reach you if they have a question about your product need technical assistance after the purchase. Please include an email address, a link to your email address, or a contact us link on your Thank You Page.
  2. A reminder to the customer that his or her credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM, rather than a reference to your specific product. This reminder should be prominent, as customers sometimes request refunds because they forget that ClickBank is handling the purchase.
  3. Clear instructions on how to download or access the product, or information on how and when it will be delivered to them.

3. Make a Payment Link

When a customer is on your Pitch Page and ready to buy your product, you need to provide them with a payment link that sends them to the ClickBank order form, where they can enter their payment information and complete the transaction. Once the payment is approved, the customer is taken to a page hosted by ClickBank that confirms their order by providing them with a unique receipt number. Customers are then prompted to click a final link that takes them from this confirmation page to your Thank You Page, where you provide them with the information detailed above. You’ll need to manually create the payment link to send customers to the order form, and then insert this payment link in HTML code on your Pitch Page. Put the HTML code for your payment link in the following format:

Here is a sample of what the HTML code would look like:” target=”cb”>CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
You must customize this HTML code to link to the order form for your specific product:

  • Replace ITEM with the item number of the product for sale. As you set up products to sell in your ClickBank account, each product will be assigned a unique number: 1, 2, 3, etc. If you are setting up your first product, the item number is 1.
  • Replace VENDOR with your ClickBank account nickname.
  • If you want, you can replace CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE with any text you prefer, or if you are familiar with HTML you can insert code to make the payment link an image.

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