How to start your own domain name registration business without much stress

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Starting your own domain name registration business is nice and good.
First of all,you might want to ask me what a domain name is.
Example of domain name is,, or anyone with
extensions such as .net,.org,.info,.mobi and so many of such that you
normally to the address bar of your PC or Mobile Phone browser to
gain access to a website.
You can search as low as N2,000 for a .DOM domain or more as that is
left to you after confirming that the domain name is available for
To go a little bit technical,you must know that a top domain is
different from main domain name.What I mean by this is that domain
name such as is different from in the technical sense but it is the same
in a normal sense.For this reason,you must have observed that some
websites doesn’t open without adding www. to it.
For example,as I’m typing now… and will not open without adding www. to it but it will
soon be rectified.That is not the main point of this update but just
want you to be aware of that and as well as DNS MANAGER,NAME SERVERS
and many more and now to the main point.
To start your domain name registration business i.e buying domain name
for people while they pay you in naira and you pay either in naira or
dollar but I will strongly advise you to always buy domain names with
dollar as most and to do this,I recommend you to be buying from either, because their customer care section is very
active as they are always available to assist you should in case you
run into any hitch.Ok?

For the purpose of this post,I will using godaddy as example as they
are the one that I do use for this business since more than 2 years
now and they’ve been wonderful.
Below are what you need:
1.A free godaddy account as all you just need to do to get an account
is to visit and click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT and fill
the information required and whao,your account is ready.
2.A credit/debit card which can be either Zenith surfcard,GTBank
Dollar Visacard or Master card or preferably a UBA Africard which you
can read more about and how to get a personalised one for just N750 at
or a verified PayPal account but make it to be a paypal account that
has a credit card attached to it because godaddy only accept a paypal
account that credit card attached to it.

3.Get a scanned copy of any of your Identity card be it National ID
card,Voters card,Driver License or International passport ready
because they may request for it as time goes on and as well your
scanned copy of the front and back of your credit card which they
might request for later.

Anytime that you want to buy a domain name,just search for the name
and if available,complete its registration and make payment for it.
Once you’ve made payment for it,it will be available for use and
access immediately.

Note that you can transfer domain name,forward it and should in case
that you want to help any blogger to change his/her blog from to .COM without stress and charge extra fee if you
like,just buy the domain name from godaddy and follow the simple
instruction at
but make sure that you update the domain name DNS automatically by
typing the domain name into the box at

It’s as simple as that but you need to advertise either on your
facebook wall,through banner and any other ways as advertisement is
the livewire of any business.

Feel free to drop your comment and question below about this and I
will try as much as possible to reply your plight.

To your success
Presegs Adesida

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