It’s Joke time: Let us laugh and crack our ribs today.

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Good day once again and how are you doing today.Hope you doing fine and I’m here to share a joke today because

“All work without play will make Jack a dull boy”

This is the Story of a Warri boy that I want to share and it goes thus:

“My name is Ogaga and I travelled to Abuja to see my uncle.

At 8a.m,the secretary told me to come back by 2p.m that Oga is not around.

So I had to hang around and by 1p.m I was so hungry because I’ve not eaten since morning & I was left with N200.

No local canteen around to eat Fufu or Eba. All I saw were big hotels.

As my eyes began to dazzle me,so I decided to find a solution.

Infront of me was a powerful 5 star hotel, I cleaned my ruff shoe,adjusted myself & entered d hotel.

At the lobby, the waiter asked me “are u here to see somebody or u want to lodge in?

and I told him that my name was Star & that I will be lodging,he told me that the least room is 47k per night.

I said no problem and ask him this do you know what and told him that this place is lovely just like the hotel I slept yesterday in Dubai on my way to d US.

He said welcome sir. I asked can I pay in hard currency because I’ve not changed my dollars and as well he said Ok.

I boldly asked him “Where is ur restaurant I need 2 eat 1st” and he then lead me to the restaurant & he told the chef to treat me well & dat I just got back from the US.

The chef welcomed me & gave me Menu list.

I ordered for Pounded yam, Efo riro, Snail & catfish and the chef told me it will be ready in 30mins time.

I asked for the bar so that I could step down before the food was ready and he pointed me to the executive bar mainly for VIP’s and I as well requested for assorted pepper soup spanish red wine.

I drank 2 bottles of d wine & 2 plates of pepper soup & the bill was 34k.

I moved on to eat my food & the bill 4 food was N40k because I collected extra plate & total was N74k.

But I had just only N200, sweat gathered suddenly in my face despite d A/C and they began 2 suspect that I didn’t have money and the security & staffs began to gather around me.

I said to my self ‘STAR’ man nor go die here oh.

I dialled my 2nd phone wit my 1st phone, picked it up & said loudly:

“yes Mallam d bomb is still wit me & will explode in the next 2mins & I shouted loudly,”Allah Akbar, I’m proud to be suicide bomber”.

Before I dropped my phone I didn’t see anybody not even in the hotel again.”

Was he smart enough?

And I hope that you’ve enjoyed this joke.

See you next time and you can reach me on 08091833866 if you will like to be updating this site with jokes if you think that you can truely make us to laugh.

Note that:

Your name will be written at the end of the jokes and you can even update it to this site via your mobile phone using your email.


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    The above jokes was really good, and wonderful. I was very happy after reading this types of jokes.
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