Key to Developing Sustained Motivation.

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A Purpose to Live For
First and foremost in staying motivated
is to have a strong purpose. One person
with a dream can accomplish more than 100
others without one. If you have a burning
desire, you can accomplish anything. The
biographies of great men and women are full
of stories of how they did seemingly
impossible things because they had a dream.
Reasons come first, answers come
second. I believe that the universe hangs on
to answers and only gives them over to
people who are sufficiently inspired by
powerful reasons or purpose.
Much of the time, people are expending
too much effort working on the “how”
when what they really need to focus on is
the “why.” If you don’t have a strong
enough reason, you won’t find out what you
need to know, you won’t do the things you
need to do, when you need to do them.
We’re either motivated by moving away
from something or moving toward
something. Each can be a driving force, but
I believe moving toward a worthy purpose
will provide the greatest fulfillment. One of
the most important things you can do to
insure your success is to be clear on your life
purpose. A strong purpose will overcome
any odds.
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