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A Self to Live With
Too many times I’ve seen people doing
the right things and even doing them for
good reasons, but they self-destruct because
they don’t feel worthy. They’ve taken
shortcuts. They’ve not done the little
things that add up to being a big person.
Public victories are always preceded by
private diligence. By doing the things that
build character day in and day out, we build
and strengthen our self-esteem, our
confidence and our success.
We need to honor all of our commitments—
the big ones as well as the little
ones—to ourselves as well as to others. We
don’t need to do this just because it’s the
honorable thing to do, but also because it
safeguards our self-esteem. Every time we
break a promise to ourselves, we chip away
at our self-confidence and self-esteem.
When the person we are and the person
we “appear” to be are inconsistent, we’re at
cross purposes to ourselves—we’re out of
integrity. Some people say that we are really
three people: the person we think we are,
the person others think we are and the
person we really are. When these views are
consistent, then we have integrity. And as
Bucky Fuller said, “Integrity is the essence
of everything successful.”
We must learn to love and accept
ourselves. In doing so, we find it easier to
love and accept others more easily.
Fanny Brice said it well, “Let the world
know you as you are, not as you think you
should be—because sooner or later, if you’reposing, you will forget the pose and then
where are you?” It takes far too much
energy to be someone other than who you
are—so just be yourself. Besides, there’s no
one who’s better qualified. 
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