Keys to Developing Sustained Motivation

[ 0 ] July 22, 2011 |
My purpose—my dream—is to help as
many people as I can to more fully actualize
their potential. PRESEGS Networks has the
same mission: To help people become more
successful in all aspects of their lives. What

keeps me going is making a difference in
people’s lives.I get my strength from the Almighty God.
I suggest that you make a list of what
motivates you. Here’s a few things that
keep me going:
n Accomplishing goals gets me
excited—and I have to keep setting new
n Getting completely out of debt and
staying debt-free!

n New ideas and learning new things—
it’s why I became a writer.
n Being around inspiring, turned on, on purpose
n My Girl Friend and my desire to please
her—she’s my best friend, confidant,
partner, teacher, student and lover.
By knowing what motivates you, you’ll
be better equipped to stay on task and
maintain a good head of steam.
I realize that I won’t ever fully
accomplish my purpose. That’s why I will
never retire—like Nike’s motto, “There is
no finish line.” I expect to live to be 120
years old in good health. But if I died
tomorrow, I would make my transition
knowing that I lived my life on purpose.
That keeps me at peace. It keeps me
We have to find what works for us. I
think we each have a special and unique
purpose on this planet and it’s up to each of
us to discover it and live it. From that,
motivation comes easy.
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