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Ready to learn & discover this software?I will only explain in here how I do install this software & make it to work perfectly but I will not have the priviledge to attach free download link of this software to this post because mine is a paid software with no monthly subscription i.e unlimited time of usage but  I will only give just first 10 people to contact me on the through the contact details I will drop at the end of this report & note that thousands of people are already viewing this post and they are on their way of taking this 10 slots available.
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I’m going to be making this software to be very cheap.
Let’s get started to the main guide;

Follow these step by step guide in order to configure your your PC  & browsers with USA IP so as to be using it to access your paypal account that will be delivered to you so soon  in some hours & also to access websites that restrict Nigeria IP.Are you ready?


1.Download & install  tunnelier-inst.exe   & make sure that you tick/mark whereever it tells you to accept.
2.Copy  & paste ip for TEXAS in USA.tlp  to your desktop.
3.Open the tunnelier-inst  software & click on load profile at the left hand side of the software interface & it will prompt you to browse for a profile.Browse to the desktop,select  ip for TEXAS in USA.tlp.
You will be brought back to the software interface & you will need to click on save profile.

Connect to the internet via either modem or something else but all I just need you to do is to be CONNECTED to the internet.

After you must have been connected to the internet,click on LOGIN & it will prompt you to click on agreement button & just do that and you will see it loading  & at the end if your connection is browsing,you will see    port 1080   succeeded.

You need this last information because it is very important as it is the ip & port you will use to configure your browser socks connection to be able to showTEXAS in USA.

In summary,your IP is   & port is  1080.
With this information,you are now to configure your browser socks with this IP & port and where are going to use Mozilla Firefox as sample though you can use it with any other browsers like FLOCK,OPERA,INTERNET EXPLORER,GOOGLE CHROME & lots more depending on how you can do it’s settings.

1.Now, go to the installed Mozilla Firefox browser and open it. When it opens, locate Tools on the menu bar and click on it. Then, select Options and click it.
2.As you click on Options, it will bring out a small window. Click onAdvanced, then Network and subsequently Settings.
3.As you click on Settings, another small window will pop-up. In there, click on Manual proxy configuration and do not select/mark/tick Use this proxy server for all protocols. In the SOCKS Proxy and Port bars, do paste the IP address and port number you got from TUNNELIER interface respectively i.e  ip  port 1080
I.e insert  into SOCKS Host  &  insert  1080 into  port.

After doing all these, click OK to return to Options’ window. There too, clickOK to return back to the browsing interface.

Hurray!  !!
By doing this,you’ve successfully configured your mozilla for the location of  TEXAS in USA & you can now access any website whatsoever in this world without restriction.

Now, we are set to enjoy our new IP address. To check if everything is working very well, do type www.WhatIsMyIPAdress.com  or  www.ip2location.com into the browser’s address bar and hit Enter button.

If the IP is going you will see the location. In this case, I got a broadband connection from TEXAS in UNITED STATE OF AMERICA as you can see in the snapshot above.
However, there are times when the IP address and port number you selected will not be working or has stopped working. What you need to do is to go back to the software interface,logout & login again & everything will work on well again.
N.B:This software is so reliable & it connects &  works on any internet connection be it slow or fast one & it will only give you message of not connected if only your internet connection is not receiving any data & you need to check it out.
My good friend, I hope this report will help you a great deal in changing your IP address. You can post your comments on my FaceBook Page <= Click.
To your Success
Presegs Adesida

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