LIVING FOR OTHERS learnt from Nelson Mandella and Thomas Edison Lifestyle.

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At first,Nelson Mandella was motivated by a dream to free himself from
the oppression.But his dream expanded to include others.
He writes as as I quote: “The hunger for my own freedom became the
greater hunger for the freedom of my people.It was this desire for
freedom of my people to live their lives with dignity and self respect
that animated my life,that transformed a frightened young man into a
brave one,that drove a law-abiding attorney to become a criminal,that
turned a family-loving man into a man without a home,that forced a
life-loving man to live like a monk.
When Mandella found himself at the crossroads of life with one path
leading to personal gain and others serving his people he chose the
more difficult higher road of helping others.And look at the impacts
he has made.
Have you ever been confronted with THAT decision?If so,it doesn’t mean
abandoning your dream.It means expanding it!
Thomas Edison said and I quote; “I never perfect an invention without
thinking in terms of how it would benefit others.’He didn’t stop being
an inventor so that he could help others.No,he used what he had
already accomplished for himself to help others.Don’t simply aspire to
make a living,aspire to make a difference!
Paul writes as I quote as well:’…I will not be burndensome to
you;for I do not seek yours,but you…And I will very gladly spend and
be spent for [you]…’ 14-15.
Finally!In getting and gainning YOU to becoming successful,but only in
serving which will in turn make you to be a PROBLEM solver do you and
will you become significant in whichever situation,circumstances
To your success
Presegs Adesida
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