MOBILE MONOPOLY:The New Money Making Game

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It’s obvious that there are different ways of making money online but there is a new trend now that will surely be taking over the Internet Business so soon since everyone is now on mobile.This programme is called “Mobile Marketing”.

Without wasting much of your time and to go straight to the point, I’ll be sharing with you today about one of a Mobile Marketing programme called  “MOBILE MONOPOLY”  that I stumbled upon while browsing through clickbank marketplace.I as well instantly enrolled into it and never have cause for regret even up till now as I’ve learnt so many things which I believe that you too can start learning if only you do not ignore this great opportunity now. You can checkout this programme  now at

Mobile Monopoly

Aside that,I will also implore you to also be involved in CPA(Cost Per Action) from sites like,  and among so many other ones.

I’m highly recommending this product which costs $47 to you  after buying it and carefully going through it of which I saw different tutorials in form of ebooks and videos that will teach you lots of things that you need to know as someone who is interested in online business or already into online business but it’s a pity that you’ll be saying that the money is much but I’m glad to tell you that it’s not much at all compared to what you’ll get once you have access into the programme.

To get into the programme,you’ll need to have your own Verified PayPal Account which I believe that you already have or knows how to get one for yourself as it is only PayPal email that is accepted for registration with the programme meaning that you need to open your own PayPal with your desired email,load it with $47  and then pay for the programme of which your PayPal email will automatically be your programme email for accessing your goodies that the programme has for you and another sweet thing is that you can get your full money back within 60 days if you think that what you are getting is worthless which means that you have nothing to loose.

Got that? and the site once again can be accessed via

P.S:You can get my step by step ebook on how to open your own verified

PayPal Account here at

P.S.S:I’ve decided to help just 10 people to get into this programme easily and cheaply for just N10,000 [Ten Thousand Naira Only] between today and Friday which covers:

  1. A duly verified USA PayPal Account which goes for  N7,500 on a normal day.
  2. Payment and enrollment into the $47 programme mentioned earlier on available at  which goes for N200 x $47 = N9,400 if you were to go for our Pay^Pal Pay4me service[which is not even possible for such a programme like this as it is one PayPal Account for one account as an account can no longer be used for another member once used for registration] which do go for  N200/$  which makes a total of N16,900  but you will save yourself N6,900 and you are so lucky being among the lucky people viewing this page right of which you can loose as well if you didn’t turn up between now and Friday as I will believe that you’ve proceeded doing it yourself or you aren’t interested in the programme.


If you still want us to open your own Pay^Pal Account  and as well use your PayPal account to get you enrolled into the $47 programme called “MOBILE MONOPOLY” that I discussed about above which is only available between now and Friday,just pay the sum of  N10,000 [Ten Thousand Naira Only] into:

  • i.GTBank[Guaranty Trust Bank]
    Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 0035948383   OR
  • ii. First Bank Plc 
    Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 3065162650  OR
  • iii. UBA Bank Plc
  • Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 2062136343

After making payment into any of the banks above,send “COMPLETE PAYPAL + MOBILE MONOPOLY” with your:

1.Full Name

2.Working email be it hotmail,yahoomail or gmail  and

3.Your Mobile No. to INFO@NAIJAPAYPALSECRET.COM or to 0 8 0 9 1 8 3 3 8 6 6

After confirming your payment,I will personally contact you on your hotline or email provided for what I need to proceed with the opening of your PayPal ACCO^UNT  and as well get you enrolled into the “MOBILE MONOPOLY” programme with your account and you are good to go learning all what you will really appreciate me for soon or later.

Have a blessed day!

I still remain Adesida Olusegun aka PRESEGS

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