My Birthday Wishes Appreciation Plus My FREE Undisputed Useful Information

Yes!Yesterday was my birthday and I so much appreciate all my well wishers that rang me up,sent me messages,posted wonderful birthday wishes on my facebook wall.Once again,I say

“Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes.I honestly can’t tell you how touching it was to see the nice posts and comments left from those who chose to take a moment of their time to write and care when they read it was my birthday!Those were not just “online” wishes but rather special sentiments to me that I do remember and appreciate. It is nice to feel appreciated. Thanks again. God bless you all”

Because I’m still in the happy mood of celebration as I’m typing this write-up now,I’ll love to show you something very nice that I’m sure that you will so much appreciate and thank me for unleashing it to you,I will like to quickly inform you that you can easily get a USA mastercard [this piece of information is not new but I observed that lots of people are not believing this to be true] that comes with USA bank account which you can use to verify your paypal account [you need this account if you really want to make things easy for you when it comes to receiving money online or making payment(s)] all for FREE without paying a dime as it will be shipped to your doorstep in Nigeria.All you need to get this card are your:
1.ID CARD be it Voters card,Driver license,National ID Card or International passport
[Any of those ID CARDS listed above is accepted and you can get easily get an International passport in Nigeria within few days with less than N20,000 as it’s that easy]
2.A valid home address of yours or P.O BOX that can be reached here in Nigeria where your card will be sent to.
3.A valid email of yours be it yahoomail,gmail,aol and many others that is accessible which you are going to use for your registration.Note that you must scan a copy of the ID CARD that you want to use to register as you will be required to submit it for approval of your card account.You need to as well know that you must fill their form with details[Name,Address,license no] as it is on your ID CARD correctly else your card might not be approved.
After approval of your card which do take up to 2 weeks these days before your approval or dissaproval message will be sent to you from them,you’ll be told when your card will arrive which do take at least 1 month but there is a great clue on how you can get your card sent to you here in Nigeria
within 3-5 days and the clue is calling their customer care line up with the phone no you submitted while filling your application and tell them that you really want your card to be sent via DHL and they will tell you how much it will cost you and how to pay it which is usually $60 which you can proceed with if you can afford it and if you can’t,kindly wait for your card to be delivered via standard delivery which is absolutely free of charge.Your card comes with an account which you can login into with your USA Bank Account attached to it which you will need to activate either by submitting your Verified PayPal Account screenshot to them or by just filling a form that will be shown to you via a link right after your Bank details.
You can use this bank account to verify your USA PayPal Account and as well set it as your mode of withdrawing from PayPal  but you can only use it to be withdrawing from your UAE PayPal as you can’t use it to verify it.But there is a secret that I want to share with you today which is that you should always verify your USA Pay^Pal account first with  Virtual USA Bank Acco^unt For PayPal verification[That of Bank of America to be precise] which you can get for as low as N3,000 or $20 of Liberty Reserve from me and verify your UAE PayPal Account by using Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification which you can get for as low as N2,000 or $15 of Liberty Reserve from us.

Though you can get Your Best Dedicated Virtual Private Network(VPN/IP) be it that for your USA or UAE VERIFIED PayPal Account HERE should in case you want to open your account by yourself.

After getting yourself any of the above listed Pay^Pal Accounts or the two,all you need to do is to login into it and add your USA bank details to it which you will set as the Primary Account for withdrawing funds from Pay^Pal into your Payoneer account which you will withdraw from any ATM machine in Nigeria that has mastercard logo which is very common using your Payoneer card sent across to you here in Nigeria all for FREE.I guess I must have been putting you in suspense since as I’m sure that you must have been longing to know where exactly to apply for this magic card all for free as I’ve been saying all day long … but it’s that easy to scape through as all you need to do is to CLICK HERE now to go to the SIGN UP page.When you get to the page,click on SIGN UP button at the lower right hand side of the site & proceed with your registration and keenly take good note of their further instructions.Remember that I said earlier above that it’s always adviseable for you to must have verified your PayPal with the tools that I enlisted above before adding the USA Bank Account that comes with your payoneer card which warrant you to have one.Do you have your own duly opened & verified PayPal account?If yes,you are good to go and if NO is your answer,carefully go through what I’ve written below while you take quick action before today runs out.

P.S:Because yesterday was my birthday & I’m still in the mood of celebration,you will get a wonderful discount of N1,500 from my “COMPLETE PayPal Account SERVICE” which goes for N7,500 as you can see here at  but you’ll be getting it done for just N6,000 if you place order for yours today.
All you need to do is to proceed and make payment of the N6,000 into:
i.GTBank[Guaranty Trust Bank]
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 0035948383   OR
ii. First Bank Plc 
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 3065162650   OR
iii. UBA Bank Plc
Account Name: Adesida Olusegun   Account No: 2062136343
After making payment into any of the banks above,send “COMPLETE PAYPAL” with your:

1.Full Name
2.Working email be it hotmail,yahoomail or gmail  and
3.Your Mobile No. to INFO@NAIJAPAYPALSECRET.COM or to 0809183386.
After confirming your Payment,I will personally contact you on your hotline or email provided for what I need to proceed with the opening of your Verified PayPal Account.

To Your Success!
Prince Adesida Olusegun CEO of  PRESEGS Infotech GlobalBiz MultiConcepts

See YOU next time and do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to updates by submitting and confirming your best email address into the form below so as to be receiving updates as we post them directly into YOUR email.
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