Recharge Card Business;Here Are What You Need To Start It

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Recharge Card Business

Recharge card printing business

Have you been trying to start your own profitable Recharge Card Business In Nigeria without reasonable success?

If yes, I’m glad to inform you today that you’ve come to the lasting solution to what you’ve been looking for all these days but make sure that you read this update to its last word.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get into the main business of today. You must note that Recharge card business is billions of naira business which is a game of number. You have made the right decision getting to this page today and all I will tell you is to ensure that you pay full attention to all what you will learn on this page in order to make and live the kind of life you have ever dreamt of. You will agree that GSM user’s base is almost 100 millions and is still growing. Despite this million making potentials in the telecommunication-GSM industry, “some people” are still not making a living with it.With the right information on how to start this business sold everywhere in manuals, CD, softwares or VCD packages, I have noticed that a lot of people are still not investing in this business. What are the reasons? There are three reasons I have researched on this: 1. People habitually read, rather than make use of it, dump and start to tell stories. 2. Those who would have started but could not afford the start up capital 3.Those who however, started discovered they could not make the money. The bases of this eye-opening information are for the third category above-“those who however started but could not make the money”. Rather than “return on investments” they can’t ever get the “return of their investments”. The universal truth is still remains that business is a game of numbers. The more the number of people in your targeted market the possibility of making it big. Pause!!!Let me talk to our newbie, those who are reading the information for the first time or getting it in details like this for the first time, you are welcome to my blog. This introductory is for you.Ever before now, these cards were being printed abroad and imported to this country by GSM service providers-MTN,AIRTEL,ETISALAT and GLOBACOM. However, it was stopped by the government by making it compulsory for all GSM service providers to print their prepaid calling cards here in Nigeria. This, therefore, opened another investment opportunities for Nigerians-Agents, Distributors, Retailers And The Consumers.


There are three options in the production of telephone (GSM) recharge cards, namely: dealership, sub-dealership and small scale recharge card printing.

….Mega GSM recharge Cards Dealership: This is a dealership/agency arrangement between the investor and the service providers. It is the most lucrative and rewarding but requires large amount of start up capital- N5,000,000.00

….Sub-Dealership/Distributorship: This is an arrangement that can be attached to those who are distributors depending on the dealer. It is for those who may not have the financial requirements to be direct agents to the network service provider. With a minimum of N1,000,000.00 start up capital you can become a sub-dealer/distributor.

….Small Scale Recharge (Recharge Card Printing): This is the one you can start with #100,000 and make mega profit. There are two ways you can start printing recharge vouchers on small scale depending on the company you sign up with; 1.You can start printing through the internet 2.You can start printing with the voucher printing machine from a franchise company.

Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty. Printing of recharge card can be done in two different ways listed below: 1. With software, computer, printer and Internet connection. 2. Without software, computer, printer, Internet connection or electricity.


What you need to start this business are: 1. A desktop or laptop computers. 2. Internet access. 3. Printing software. 4. Printer. 5. Recharge PINs. Alternatively, if you don’t have a computer of your own you can use the cyber café. However, if you don’t want to use a cyber café you must ensure that you use a particular system for it on which you install the printing software that will enable you to print out the recharge PINs. STEPS TO STARTING THE BUSINESS. 1. Get your computer connected to the Internet or simply use a cyber café. 2. Register with a company (I will give you this later). 3. Download their software and install it on your computer. 4. Order for recharge PINs through their website and pay the required amount into their bank account. 5. Send them your payment details, e.g., name, email address, desired network, teller number and the amount paid. 6. They will send you encrypted PINs (these PINs can only be read or interpreted by the company’s software). 7. Use the software on your computer to print out these PINs.

Did you get that right? If yes, you will agree with me that you still need to know


but make sure that you read this post to last page on how to get the full info compiled in a step by step ebook/guide along with Recharge Card Business dealers and distributors in your state or any state(s) you want all to go to for training and purchase E-PIN or Printed Recharge Card Cheaply to be sold for profit for you for almost nothing but let us continue to the newbie’s info before I unleash how you will be able to have access to them: Here are reasons those who started could not make the money which are faulty marketing strategies and leadership skill which I want you to take good note of.Marketing is the “Livewire” of any thriving business. It is not enough to have the money to invest and printing enough vouchers. You can print #100,000.00 worth of vouchers now and still be broke. What is the point? You must get your marketing and leadership skill right.Leadership is all about influence and managing relationship with your customers while marketing is about attracting potentials customers.


Want to share a few tips with you that will guarantee you at least #200,000 a month. Do you know that all the phone boot operators buy vouchers from accredited printers? Design a small form to design names, phone numbers, address e.t.c go out in every street, meters away from your residence depending on how far you can. Explain to any operator you meet that you want to business with them. Also give them any benefit you think of. Give the form to the person to fill and find out how much voucher can the person buy in a day or week. As you take your leave, make sure you leave your contact with the person. Go round. There are many of them around, be friendly with them and even offer to give them credit facility.Don’t be afraid, business is all about risk taking.

…Once you have collected as many contacts lets say at least 50 boot operators or even those who sell at home or at their shops. Build a database of the contact on anything, computer, notebook e.t.c. ….Obtain bulk SMS credits from any reseller to enable you send SMS cheaply With this, you can start building relationship with them. This is where your leadership skill comes into play. Let me share a secret with you. In this part of the world where people have lost the sense of the community, individual relationship has become paramount. So people appreciate personal relationship. Always text greetings and other things you think can speak to their emotions to them. Always send information about stock of vouchers. If you have 50 people who can sell at least 50 vouchers of 100 each a day, i.e 50*50=#2500 2500*100=250,000 you can calculate the profit yourself. That is just one day from fifty people. What about 100, 200, or 300 people. Don’t say it is not possible it is. Calculate it in a month. ….Another thing you should do is this; do you know that people that buy recharge card traveled miles, or even ride on okada to buy from dealer? If only some one could bring it down to them when they need it? This is their wish. People like ease and convenience thing. Rather than wait for them to come to you just start taking the vouchers to them. Encourage them to always pre-inform you when they are running out of stock. They will enjoy it. ….Try to give some credit facilities. Have you ever bought vouchers on wholesale? Those sellers don’t give a dame. In fact they put strong gate or bar in front of you because you could also be an armed robber. They don’t have relationship with customers “JUST PAY AND COLLECT YOUR CARDS” that is their philosophy. Hope the Information above helps a lot about you starting this recharge card printing business and to grab a copy of the EBOOK/GUIDE along with Recharge Card Business dealers and distributors in your state or any state(s) you want to go to for training and purchase E-PIN or Printed Recharge Card Cheaply to be sold for profit that I mentioned above,pay/send the sum of N1,500 [One Thousand & Five Hundred Naira only] either via bank deposit,atm deposit,mobile transfer or internet transfer into:





First Bank Plc IJAM SOLUTION CONSULT 2026637572


Diamond Bank Plc IJAM SOLUTION CONSULT 0054515511

Click HERE For More

After making payment into any of the banks listed above,kindly send “Recharge Card Business” as SUBJECT with your Name,Bank You Paid Into & Phone Number to

After confirming your payment, your step by step EBOOK/GUIDE will be sent to your e-mail within 24 hours along with Recharge Card Business dealers and distributors in your state or any state(s) you want to go to for training and purchase E-PIN or Printed Recharge Card Cheaply to be sold for profit and from me personally on phone when you get across to me.

N.B: This package does not come with Recharge Card Printing Software of any kind but dealers or distributors we will recommend to you are the ones that will install that for you.

Culled and modified from where I wrote it initially on nairaland here

To Your Success!

Adesida Olusegun


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    The other system of the card printing machine ow can one go about it? And pls I rilly need the amount of the software

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