PART 1:How To Receive Free Money From FACEBOOK Into Your Payoneer Mastercard PLUS…

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It  is no longer news that payoneer has been doing great since 2009 that they’ve been in existence though they’ve been of no benefits to me as I don’t know the reason they’ve rejected issuing me another card since the one I got from limeexchange then was blocked.I called them and they were telling me that they can’t issue me another one after looking into my account for one or two reason(s) which they cannot disclose to me moreover my verified PayPal accounts and other international cards in my possession  have never for once dissapointed me whenever I want to pay for anything online as I even do offer PAY4ME service without making use of payoneer which means that it is not compulsory you force yourself on them if they fail to approve your application as there are better cards online that perform so well than this payoneer of a thing though the advantage they have is that they give out this card for free.You can checkout online for better international cards for example HERE.
But as a legit person who loves researching and sharing information,I’ve never for once stopped researching and sharing my outcome(s) with everyone.I will be sharing with you on how to use your payoneer mastercard to receive free money from facebook,link it with your paypal,clickbank and finally use this medium to activate your USPS service on your USA Bank Account that comes with your payoneer account.

To start with,you need to copy out you the USA Bank Account Details that was attached to the email sent to you when your application was approved.Note that you will need to mail or call them if you can’t find this information as it was only given publicly to those that got their account approved late last year when they publicly announced the service.They’ve been offering the service secretly upon request initially until they announced it publicly last year.After getting those details,copy them somewhere preferably in a notepad saved to your computer or email and the next thing for you to do is to create a faceboook page via this link if you do not having any before and if you do,just navigate to your page.Once there,Once your page is ready and you are on the page,click on BOOST PAGE as you can see in the image below;confirmaOn clicking BOOST PAGE ,a popup will show like the one below confirmband you need to do is to click on the asterisk icon I point CLICK HERE arrow to as you can see above.After clicking on it,you will see something like the one displayed in the image shown below and all you need to do is to click on the “Change Payment Method”  as you can as well see in the image below:confirmcOnce you click on it,a new tab will automatically open requesting you input your password as you can as well see in the image attached below:confirmdGot that?If yes,let’s proceed by typing in our password which will bring us to another page as you can as well again see in the image below:confirmeOn seeing this page,click on “Add New Funding Source” located at the upper right hand side of the page and once you click on it,you will see another page like the one displayed below:confirmfof which you just need to tick/mark the “Direct Debit” Option and then click on CONTINUE which will give you another interface requesting for some data from you as you can see in the screenshot below:confirmgAt this point,we need to take a slight break though it’s high time you searched for your USA Bank Account details and get ready for PART 2 which will start so soon.

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Till then,I still remain Adesida Olusegun aka PRESEGS.

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  1. Maria says:

    Interesting enough to continue to 2nd part…Curious is it only for nigerians? Or does it work for everybody? Thanks for the Post.
    Gratitude, Love & Blessings!


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