PASSION:Here are Facts about it and the reasons for possessing it to achieving your set goals

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Welcome to a bright new day and week.We are about discovering some
facts about the word “PASSION” and it benefits.

First of all,what is PASSION?
According to wikipedia,Passion (from the Ancient Greek verb πάσχ
(paskho) meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling
about aطperson or thing.
Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or
desire for something.
The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or
admiration for a proposal,cause, or activity.

Now that you have the understanding of what PASSION is,can you boldly
say that you have passion for what you are doing right now?Yes of
course will you say but read this writeup to discover your real
To be sincere,you need to have this great tool in your pursuit of
success,wealth creation towards creating financial independence for
yourself,family and generation to come.

I want you to note these two facts:
1.People don’t fail exam because they didn’t prepare for it but do
fail because they didn’t prepare enough and I want to use this avenue
to ask you if you are preparing fully for any task before you.Yes!
will you say but I’m glad to tell you that you are not fully prepared
for any task if you lack what is called “PASSION” because it is still
this spice that will keep you going eventhough you are not seeing
result yet or if not yet paid for what you are doing because you will
be a success if you do not giveup but this tool will keep you going if
you imbibe it into whatever you are doing and into your plans.
Taking for example,a successfull soccer player was being asked what
his secret was and without wasting time,he voiced out that it is
Passion as it keeps him going even while not being paid while playing
soccer and even when he was being paid,this same tool still kept him
going and enjoying his life and carrier with his dear family with a
promising future.

Another thing is that:
2.You must not judge yourself or others by outward looks but rather
judge by what is going on in other people mind or yours as a man
cannot be judged by whatever he/she is wearing nor by his/her outward
look but rather with what is going on in his/her mind and his/her

As I draw to conclusion about this great tool of success,wealth
creation towards experiencing financial breakthrough,I will implore it
unto you and not to force you that you need to add passion to whatever
you are doing and the sky is your limit and besides,take God first in
everything that you do or that you want to lay your hands on.

Remain blessed and to your success
Presegs Adesida…

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